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Profitable Home Business Photo Gallery

The Island Headquarters of Profitable Home Business is situated on the small but beautiful, tropical island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean. The island is a mere 68 square miles but every inch of it is breathtakingly beautiful.

Working from home is particularly exciting experience when you have only to walk out on your veranda to see the ocean and everything you need is just a few minutes drive away. We have included a few photos to show you the beauty of the island.

If after viewing you wish to come for a visit just let me know. I will find you a good hotel to stay in. Enjoy...

Happy browsing..

Headquarters of Profits4Sure

Our home office on the outskirts of Basseterre.

PFS Home

The Circus

The heart of downtown Basseterre. A "Huge" (huge being relative) roundabout or circus in the center of the capital city Basseterre. I suppose the English who constructed it, thought it reminiscent of Piccadilli Circus in London.


Bays & Beaches

St. Kitts has many beaches inlets and bays where you can swim, sunbathe or enjoy many different types of water sports. There is no shortage of sunshine so if you just want a beautiful tan to get your body golden brown, come visit.


Green Vervet Monkeys

Green vervet monkeys, mongooses, a variety of birds and lizards make up most of our wildlife. Monkeys almost out-number people on the island. I actually had a pet monkey "Minky" for almost 20 years. He died a few years ago of old age just a month shy of his 20th birthday.


Where Two Oceans Almost Meet!

The Atlantic Ocean is on the left and the Caribbean Sea on the right. The South East Peninsular where this photo was taken is a nature reserve which hosts a myriad of inlets and beautiful beaches. It is also home to lots of our vervet monkeys.

ocean image

Brimstone Hill Fortress

Brimstone Hill Fortress was built by the British to defend St. Kitts against French and the Spanish invaders. Known as the Gibraltar of the West Indies, it is now part of our Nations parks and gardens.

ocean image

Another View of Brimstone Hill

The cannons of Brimstone Hill look out over the ocean just as they did in thee 17th century. Nowhere in St. Kitts is far from the ocean and on clear days, some of the other Caribbean islands are visible. In the distance, what looks like a small mountain in the sea is the Dutch island of St. Eustatius.



The windmills and plantation houses are a legacy of the sugar cane colonial era. They were a normal part of almost every sugar plantation during the 17th to early 20th century. Today many of the windmills have been converted into hotel accommodation or private homes. The views from some of them are truly spectacular!