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Can 'direct-to-desktop' replace e-mail?

If you're like me, you've had enough of the plummeting response rates your e-mail marketing campaigns have been getting lately.

The problem? Overflowing inboxes, overzealous spam filters, bouncebacks, blacklists, and so on...

But there's a BRAND-NEW technology on the Internet marketing scene that very few people know about yet...

... and that is threatening to REPLACE e-mail altogether!

The few smart marketers who are using it have reported incredible results.

In fact, they say that the secret to the "new wave" of Internet marketing lies in


Build Traffic with Link Popularity

By James Krawder

Link Popularity is one of the most common methods used by many online businessmen and site enthusiasts to promote and build traffic on their site. In fact, with Link Popularity’s popular and wide acceptance from users, it has become one of the criterion that search engines uses to rank the popularity of the website. Now, should you want to be gaining the same benefits derived from link popularity, you may want to read on the basic and fundamental ways you can apply to effective usage of link popularity.

• The basic of all rules is very simple. Never publish any link that is full of grammatical flaws. Remember that Internet users are educated people. They may not be grammarians or experts in language and composition, but they are literate people. It would be difficult for these types of people to believe your advertisement or your site if it has numerous and unpardonable grammatical errors. So the rule is, check your work.

• Never include any useless links just for the sake of putting any. Internet users are smart people who know how to differentiate scam links to useful links. And the sad part to that is, they very well remember. So, if you want your site to have the most traffic you want, never be enlisted in any of the scam link lists.

• Make original contents and stay original. With a lot of plagiarizing programs available online, the detecting mechanism for plagiarized or copied materials is just a click away. So, to avoid being caught to plagiarizing or copying contents, just exert some effort to do your own stuff—all original.

Want to learn more about it? Download the free ebook, Steps to Article Marketing Success.

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Want to learn more about it? Download the free ebook,
Steps to Article Marketing Success.