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Can 'direct-to-desktop' replace e-mail?

If you're like me, you've had enough of the plummeting response rates your e-mail marketing campaigns have been getting lately.

The problem? Overflowing inboxes, overzealous spam filters, bouncebacks, blacklists, and so on...

But there's a BRAND-NEW technology on the Internet marketing scene that very few people know about yet...

... and that is threatening to REPLACE e-mail altogether!

The few smart marketers who are using it have reported incredible results.

In fact, they say that the secret to the "new wave" of Internet marketing lies in


Legitimate Work from Home Jobs - Do They Exist Online?

By Kerry Mott

Legitimate work from home jobs – specifically online work from home jobs- can be a very misunderstood topic.

They make it sound so easy. You would think that by reading some of the carnival barking one page websites on the internet today, that anyone with a computer can wake up, quit his or her day job and make tons of cash.

Maybe the key word here is “wake up”

The truth is there are legitimate work from home jobs – or more specifically–situations enabling one to generate revenue online. Passive income. If you are willing to follow a structured process and have patience; read on.

The truth is the Internet has leveled the playing field tremendously in the way people generate revenue and realize success. A completely different set of tools is needed in order to succeed in an online business. For instance, certain elements found in traditional business are non-existent in cyber business. Success depends ENTIRELY on what you do, unlike traditional business where other elements such as who you know influence success. On the Internet nothing happens by luck.

In other words you are only as good as your website and how you promote it, there is no schmoozing or politics to help you along.

Having these variables eliminated is a great advantage regarding legitimate work from home jobs – specifically online marketing. Once you realize that effort and education are the keys to success in any legitimate work from home job – you can move forward as you have the correct mindset for success.

Will there be frustration achieving your goal? Yes! But anything that can be as life changing as earning a living from passive income is certainly worth minor frustration. Payoffs can be very big.

Let's be specific and talk about one of the top ways everyday people are getting ahead and generating revenue online.

Online Affiliate Marketing is here to stay

Affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing agreement between you (the affiliate) and a merchant. Websites are being developed solely for the purpose of affiliates promoting other company’s products. Visitors arrive at the affiliate website read about a product, typically a review, click through to the actual merchant and purchase a product … YOU the affiliate then receive the commission. Usually between 10% -30%. Clearly Affiliate marketing is one of the top legitimate work from home jobs today.

What are the advantages of affiliate marketing?

You, the affiliate never carry inventory
You never deal with customers
You can promote many different products – it’s not uncommon for full time affiliate marketers to have 20 - 30 or even 100 websites.
You can sell 24/7
No geographical boundaries.

All the details of affiliate marketing are well beyond the scope of this article, however there are numerous sources to easily get someone started within days.

The fact is there are big payoffs for those that are realistic and can follow a structured process and have the patience required to build an online business. The cost involved is extremely minimal compared to brick and mortar or inventory intensive businesses. Typically under $300.00 start up.

If you are a web designer with HTML and database skills the cost to build cash generating affiliate web sites is dirt-cheap. Web hosting with add-on domains make launching new sites a breeze..about $5.00 per domain! Find a host offering add on domains, this will enable you to have one account and as many domains as you need. ( link in author box for more info.)

If you don’t have web skills don’t worry, it won’t hold you back one bit. One of the best all around programs that practically guarantees success if followed precisely, includes all the technical web stuff. At the bottom of the page is a link to one of the best legitimate home jobs you could ever want. Read it.

Basically to be successful in affiliate marketing you need to learn how to spot in demand niches, write compelling content, drive traffic to your website and convert those visitors into customers at the merchant site. These are all skills any one with desire to succeed in online marketing can learn.

There are thousands of niches out there to capitalize on so never believe it’s all been done.

So, if you are looking to grab a piece of the multi-billion dollar internet market, consider the best legitimate work from home job – online affiliate marketing.

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