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Can You Really Make Money With A Free Home Business Opportunity?

By Janice Sharman

The constantly rising gas prices, inflation, and uncertainty in the job market worldwide is causing people to look for additional methods of generating an income or even finding alternative ways of making money. Many are turning to the internet in the hope of finding the ideal free home business opportunity that will make them the money they need. Building an online home business can be a challenging undertaking and can cost you a lot of money if you do not choose and plan carefully.

The word "free" is so overused on the internet today, that people have become cautious and wonder whether free opportunities are in indeed free, and whether using a free home business opportunity along with free marketing techniques can actually make you money.

Is there really such a thing as a "free" home business opportunity? The answer is yes!
An example of a free opportunity is an affiliate program. All you have to do when setting up an affiliate marketing business is sign up with an affiliate merchant and tell others about their product. If any of your referrals buy the product, you get a commission.

The next step is to promote the affiliate website. Many companies actually set up your website for you and yes, they do it for free. Why? Because you are going to help them grow their business. They will not pay you unless you sell one of their products so it's a win-win situation - They have nothing to lose and you have nothing to pay and everything to gain.

However, while all this sounds wonderful, you will soon discover that getting traffic to your affiliate website can be a challenge which will require determination, planning, and hard work. To begin getting visitors to your affiliate website, you can use free traffic generating techniques such as forum posting, blogging, classified advertising and article marketing.

The problem with the free site you receive from the affiliate merchant, is that the same website will also be available to all the other affiliates selling for that merchant. It means you will be facing a lot of competition.

Added to this, when you send visitors to the affiliate merchant's site, you're no longer are in control of what your visitors do. If they do not buy, then you do not make money and these days, people rarely buy on their first visit to a website.

To overcome this challenge, you may need to spend a little money. The amount of money I am talking about is less than a decent dinner for two. This will enable you to build your own website and host it. Once you have your own website, you can create your own content and pre-sell to your visitors before sending them to the affiliate merchant's product.

Also, when you have your own website you can set up what is known as a squeeze page where you offer your visitors a free report on a given topic, or a detailed review or maybe a free e-book, in exchange for them joining your opt-in mailing list.

Some affiliate programs will provide you with a brandable e-book that will place your link throughout the publication. You can offer this e-book to those who join your list and every time they click on a link from the book, they will be clicking on your embedded affiliate link.

The truth is, that to get quicker results you may want to spend a little money but it is pennies compared to starting a conventional business. However, if you are willing to wait a little while for the results, you will find that you really can make money using a free home business Opportunity... It does work!

About The Author:
Janice Sharman has been helping ordinary people build their own Profitable Online Home Business for over 4 years. For authentic information on how to start and build a free home business, go to: