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*Special Report*

Can 'direct-to-desktop' replace e-mail?

If you're like me, you've had enough of the plummeting response rates your e-mail marketing campaigns have been getting lately.

The problem? Overflowing inboxes, overzealous spam filters, bouncebacks, blacklists, and so on...

But there's a BRAND-NEW technology on the Internet marketing scene that very few people know about yet...

... and that is threatening to REPLACE e-mail altogether!

The few smart marketers who are using it have reported incredible results.

In fact, they say that the secret to the "new wave" of Internet marketing lies in


Be Careful When Looking For Work At Home No Fees

By Daegan Smith

Work at home no fees is a common way to scam people into a dead end opportunity with expensive hidden costs and fees. There are many legitimate work at home no fee offers, but careful examination is necessary before jumping into something without doing your homework. Working at home can be a powerful draw to many people and the fringe benefits are great. You can be your own boss, work full-time or part-time, without a dress code, or a certain time to start work. These attractive lures are often used to pull someone into a program where the person doing the offering, not the self-employed worker, makes the only profits.

Some work at home no fees jobs do not deliver what they promise. Many have slick ads that hide facts and figures. Instead of the easy life, many work at home no fees jobs may have to work many hours without pay. Also, they don't disclose the out-of-pocket expenses you will have to pay such as buying envelopes, paper, and stamps. Some of these work at home no fee jobs require you to spend your own money sometimes in the thousands of dollars. Not only have they lost money but time and energy.

Here are some tips when looking for a work at home no fees opportunity.

-Legitimate work at home no fees offers will answer all your questions and give you their policies in writing. Scam artist offer pie-in-the-sky figures and noting to back up their claims.

-Follow the money! Ask important questions such as: Where will I get my payment? Who is responsible for sending me my money? When should I expect it?

-Ask up front what costs and expenses you will have. They should spell out all associated costs and explain what you are responsible for and what you are not.

Work at home no fee jobs are available that are honest opportunities and can offer you the chance to own your own business that you are looking for. Just examine everything in advance of making a big commitment.

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