Work At Home Jobs Online

By Mary Johnson

Many people wish they could join the work at home "craze". Perhaps they are a mom who has dropped out of the workforce to raise a family, or just someone tired of the daily commute. Whatever the case, an online job that can be done from home may be the perfect solution.

Everyday, more and more people are reaping the countless benefits of working an online job from home. The problem is that most work at home online jobs availableday care usually involve some clerical skills which and some people may not have had much experience with. Their data entry skills may be a little bit rusty, they may lack typing speed, or they may simply have little use for their computers outside email and Web browsing.

The good news is that there are plenty of home-based careers that are not clerical. Below are a few samples of work at home online jobs that are commonly available.

Web Guides

There has been a dramatic rise in demand for Web or Internet guides. Several sites specialize in collecting and distributing unique information to the millions of Internet surfers out there. These sites require knowledgeable personnel to constantly update and maintain the information provided for site visitors. This can be an excellent work at home online job opportunity for those who can take advantage of it. All that is needed is to identify a passion or which field of expertise, and then find a Web site or sites that is in need of quality Web guides.

A good example of a Web site that is in constant need of quality Web guides is Parenting sites and child sites are also excellent places to look for work writing Web guides for the stay-at-home parent.

Proofing and Editing Positions

Online newsletters are experiencing a boom. Because of this, jobs such as proofing and editing that can be done working at home are also increasing. New sites are cropping up practically every day and without proofreaders and editors there is no one to correct the grammar, punctuation, and overall writing of the newsletters that they plan to distribute.


With the Internet the concept of a global community has suddenly sprung into existence. Automated online translators can only do so much. This in turn is creating a huge demand for people fluent in two or more languages who can translate various materials into other languages. Anyone strong language skills could find a work at home online job as a translator is just what they’re looking for.

About The Author:
Mary Johnson writes for several web sites, on career and jobs topics