7 Ways to Build A Huge Opt-in List

The best way to make money on the Internet is to build your own opt-in list. It will become your “gold mine”, so it makes sense to spend time putting things in place to get the biggest and most responsive list possible. This way you can build a relationship with thousands of potential customers all over the world without spending more than a couple hundred dollars a year for the Internet access and the list management tools you use. Small sales are great but building for the long term is more cost effective and produces much better results.

How can affiliates build a responsive opt-in list?
You are probably already sending traffic to your site. Why not have all your traffic go to your opt-in page? Your opt-in page is your most effective tool for gathering email addresses to form your list.

Your opt-in page should be, able to fit in one screen without having to scroll down the page and to the point. It should have a ‘killer headline” with 4 or 5 benefits and an attractive opt-in form with name and email fields.

Your next step is to generate traffic to your opt-in page or pages:

1. Post an opt-in form on every page of your website.
Give people the opportunity to subscribe to your list on every page of your site. The more exposure your opt-in page gets the better the response to your newsletter will be.

2. Include A Bonus for Subscribing
More people will sign up for your free newsletter if the offer includes a free bonus like a free ebook or free software.

3. Write and submit articles for distribution around the web and place a link to your opt-in page or your autoresponder in your biography – This is really one of the best ways to build your list.

4. Viral Marketing can be as simple as a signature attached to your email that contains a link to your opt-in page. If you send a joke and it is passed on– your signature goes with it – simple but effective viral marketing.

5. Pay per click
This is one of the easiest ways to begin getting targeted traffic. Send your traffic to your opt-in page with a free gift. When they have opted-in have them land on a thank-you page that pre-sells the product you were advertising.

6. Ezine Advertising
Advertising in ezines is another fantastic way to effectively build your list. Write killer ad copy with some form of free information product or service as a give-away and send the traffic to your opt-in page.

7. Linking
Trade links with related websites that are not in competition with yours and you should see a great boost in your traffic.

Marketing strategies should be geared towards building a business that will bring you profits off the Internet for years to come. Building a large opt-in list is one of the first steps towards achieving this goal.

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