Advantage Of A Home Business After A Hurricane Disaster

ss_wilma_051024_teasevsmall-7588661Today my thoughts are centered on the residents of southwest Florida, Central America and the Caribbean after hurricane Wilma. What is in store for the islands of the Bahamas?

To those of us living outside the US who have viewed the devastation on TV, it just seems like too much coming on the heels of hurricanes Katrina and Rita…

Getting back to normalcy must seem a pretty daunting task to most of the victims of those powerful storms right now, especially those who have lost everything but the clothes they were wearing.

The people with online home businesses are a little more fortunate than the people with jobs. They can continue your business as long as you have access to an Internet cafe or a computer and a credit card. This is just an added advantage the Home Business Entrepreneur has over those with JOBS!

If you would like to give some tangible help to the victims of the three recent hurricanes, you are welcome to make a donation by going to

Give generously! Who knows when it will be our turn to face disaster?

Janice Sharman
Start Your Own Home Business HERE.

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