Choosing The Right Affiliate Company

“You need money to make money”! Thank goodness this is a myth that the internet has almost destroyed. There are several ways to make money on the internet that cost you huge set up and management costs, but there are still programs out there that cost nothing to join and train you for free.

Affiliate Marketing is still a legitimate way to make lots of money online. More money than you could earn from most jobs. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you are your own boss and can choose your own dress code and still work at home while you are raising your family.

The concept behind affiliate marketing is simple. You earn commision when you sell one of the affiliate company’s products or when an affiliate you have sponsored makes a sale.

As an affiliate, you do not have to worry about start up business costs. The Merchants package and ships the products you sell. There are no accounting costs as all the set up and managing is done by the Merchant.

Your business is to sell or create as many ways as possible to market the products provided by the affiliate company and teach others would be affiliates to copy your success.

It pays to choose your affiliate company carefully!

1. It should be a company with products you would be proud to be associated with and would have confidence selling.

It makes good sense to buy and use the products you plan to market and try them out at home before you begin to market them yourself. That way you will have first hand knowledge of the products and be able to recommend them enthusiasm. The products should give value for money so your customers will be happy come back for repeat orders.

2. A company with good customer and affiliate support

Be sure the company you choose is willing to listens to its customers and affiliates suggestions and complaints and be willing to incorporate the knowledge gained into its policy to keep both customers and affiliates happy. Happy customers mean repeat orders which benefits everyone. The company should be a growing company that supports its affiliates and provides excellent training, resources and promotion aids to help the affiliates who market their products.

3. A company with a good compensation plan

Look for a company that pays a good commission percentage on their retail and wholesale sales and allows you to earn good residual income within a team framework. Make sure the company has a good payment record and you are not left for weeks waiting for your check to arrive.

4. A reputable company

The company you choose should be legitimate, not a get rich quick scheme. Check to see how long the company that has been trading. Does it have a good network of proud affiliates? Check its history with Then do a rip-off report at

If the affiliate company meets all the above criterion the chances are, you will be proud and happy to market their products and be on your way to earning a fantastic income on the internet.

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