What Are You Focusing On Today?

As we get ready for takeoff, I have opted to provide you with some light mental stimulation so you can get focus on something other than your fear of flying. :)

Do you have trouble staying focused? It may be because you need to have the object of your focus more clearly defined.

We are all on this aircraft because we desire to make more money, right? So, let’s just say you’re attempting to focus on ‘making more money’…

The vague goal of “making more money” is not clear or decisive enough to focus on. You really need to set a few more ultimate goals.

1. How do you intent to make more money?
2. Why is earning more money important to you, and
3. What do you intend to do with the money once you have it?

These are just some of the questions you should be getting your mind around in your attempt to focus on earning more money. These are questions, which will provide you with a clear or specific objective in your quest to earn more money.

I have discovered that without a focal point, trying to focus is almost impossible. Besides, the act of clearly defining your focal point will serve to bring your mind into gear and lock your energies into tight focus. When the object of your focus is precisely outlined, it is easy to get back on track if your focus should happen to stray.

It is also very important to be able to appreciate, understand and to know exactly where your desire should be focused. The more clearly you spell out the object of your focus the more intently and effectively you can focus upon your goal. Once you decide precisely what you intend to do, it is easy to actually get it done.

We are now airborne ladies and gentlemen. I bet this little exercise on focusing kept you so intrigued you did not even realize we had taken off. That’s okay, relax and enjoy the whole Home Business experience aboard ProfitBiz as we focus on your ultimate goal of arriving at the Home Business Profits Resort with massive, Limitless Profits.

About the Author:
Janice Sharman has helped lots of ordinary people start a profitable home business. Check HERE for FREE information on how you can join the thousands of successful Home Business Entrepreneurs.

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