Things You Should Know About Becoming A “Super Affiliate”

Online Affiliate Marketing is a sizzling topic right now! All this interest is fueled by the fact that the majority of successful online entrepreneurs earn most of their money from affiliate marketing. It stands to reason therefore, that finding a super affiliate or several super affiliates is like finding the mother lode in a gold mine. It is the dream of every affiliate merchant. Why? Because super affiliates can generate a significant percentage of an affiliate merchant’s activity and account for more sales than hundreds or thousands of ordinary affiliates combined. With just three to five super affiliates an affiliate merchant’s business will grow exponentially.

So, how does one become a super affiliate? How does one become rich marketing affiliate products and services? The ads you read on websites and splash pages as you surf the web make it all sound so easy. They make it seem like all you need to do is sign up for an affiliate program, post a few banners, send a few classifieds and watch the money come rolling in. Well, it is not that simple, especially if you are new to online marketing and haven’t anything else to go on but those online ads and the instructions given by most affiliate merchants. Making it big in affiliate marketing is not impossible nor is it that difficult. It does requires a good education, research, work effort, and persistence!

There are a two vital things you should learn before jumping with both feet into the online marketing arena.

1. Have your own presence on the Web
I recently came across this quote which although somewhat dated, makes a significant point: “By the year 2001, there will be two kinds of business – those with web sites and those out of business.” If you plan to succeed as an affiliate, you need your own website. The affiliates who make it big – the super affiliates – all have their own website where they can collect email addresses for their opt-in list. Don’t ever forget that the really BIG money is still in the list. The bigger your list the more money you will make, period.

2. Control the traffic generated as a result of your advertisement
Never send your prospects straight from your advertisement to your affiliate webpage. Your advertisement should send them to your website where you offer your website visitors a valuable free gift, like an e-book, a free newsletter or free report as a way of earning their trust. If they trust you, or are interested enough in your newsletter or free gift, they’ll join your list. Once they are subscribed to your newsletter, you can send them periodic updates to the products or services you sell, that you think might be of interest to them.

If you do not yet have your own website, newsletter or training course, you will not be successful in marketing affiliate products or opportunities.

The secret to becoming a “super affiliate” is to build trust by honestly recommending your products and opportunities in your newsletter, ebook or reports and, of course, on your website. The more your subscribers trust you, the more of your products and services they will buy from you and the more successful you will become.

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