Gold Calling Software – a Breath of Fresh Air for Network Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Sales Professionals Alike

GoldCalling, an innovative software system created by sales trainer, visionary, and entrepreneur Steven Burke, offers every business person something that has always been desired but never possible until now.

With the integration of land and internet based voice broadcasting services, VOIP, email, and sophisticated data basing technologies, Gold Calling has the functionality to instantly database all sales prospects, clients, customers, business contacts, etc. into a central contact database on your computer the instant they contact you.

Why is this one feature so critical? As Steven Burke is quick to remind us, “The fortune is in the follow up”. Up until now, it has been impossible for the average business owner or sales professional to database and follow-up continuously and effectively with their entire ever-expanding list of leads and prospects. Many in sales only work with the “hot” prospects without any time spent to maintain relationships with the rest of their prospect base.

As Steven points out, leaving the majority of your leads and prospects behind is a huge mistake; those who do this are wasting the majority of time and money they spent on leads and prospecting in the first place. He goes on to say that the #1 reason people do not database and continually contact every lead and prospect by email and telephone is unquestionably because of a lack of time. The Gold Calling software system is designed to solve this problem and develop relationships and trust with prospects, but to do so by leveraging technology.

Gold Calling is all about automated relationship marketing. In order to stay in touch with an ever-expanding contact list automation is the key and email just isn’t enough anymore. According to Burke, here is when Gold Calling shines. When a prospect contacts you they are automatically databased for you on your pc. Then, within the same software system, email and voice broadcasting campaigns can be managed seamlessly. With the integration to 3rd party voice broadcasting services one could dial an entire list of 25,000 people from their contact database in just minutes with a push of a few buttons. Gold Calling is designed to make prospecting and follow-up a breeze.

Initially, GoldCalling was introduced to home-based business entrepreneurs giving them a standalone automated prospecting and relationship marketing system. The current version of the software comes with a recent list over approximately 3 million leads of other past home-based business owners… in addition; there is a master version of the software that also includes 25,000 additional fresh leads per week.

Burke points out that it was the intention of Gold Calling to level the playing field in home business between people who are “part-timers” and people who work at home full time. As several users have pointed out on the Gold Calling information call… anyone using Gold Calling will have a substantial advantage over others in the home-based business arena by not having to cold call or buy another lead again.

GoldCalling will soon offer a commercial version of the software to traditional business as well and take this revolutionary product out to the masses…

“This software will take this industry by storm and steal a whole market away from ACT, Maximizer, and Goldmind.” says Steven Burke as he is referencing the current “top three” contact management solutions. This is only just the beginning.

What do others have to say about this ground breaking product? We caught up with one GoldCalling software user Sean Robidoux, a fast start internet entrepreneur with his websites at and, to see what he had to say…

“Gold Calling is a total no-brainer for me, I have an entirely internet based business in direct sales and referral marketing. Prospecting has always been the most difficult part. Who wants to buy leads and cold call all day? I don’t, and I don’t want anyone that comes into any of my businesses to have to either.”

“Now prospecting for new business simply amounts to pulling a list out of a extensive lead database included with the software and pushing a few buttons. I also receive 25,000 fresh additional leads a week and can automatically prospect those as well.

People interested in my offer call me back. When a prospect responds from one of my advertising campaigns or voice broadcasts they are automatically stored in my personal Gold Calling database. Then whenever they contact me in the future their contact file is instantly available with all of their previous information and notes I may have typed in…it makes my life easy”

“The other thing that is amazing is all of the integration. I can literally be anywhere in the world with my laptop and internet connection and I can manage email campaigns with all of my contacts, create and schedule massive prospecting and follow-up voice broadcast campaigns, and I can directly make calls to and receive calls from prospects as well. It doesn’t matter where I am. I can do this all this on a beach if I want to. It’s a great way to do business and I recommend it to anyone”

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