Online Home Business Newbies Drowning in Information but Short on Facts

Norwich, UK

As road traffic increases year by year, and commuter trains become ever more crammed, the ‘work from home’ option is becoming increasingly appealing to more people. Some jobs lend themselves to working from home: journalism and bookkeeping for example, and many in these professions take advantage of the work at home option. But for the rest, there is no alternative to being at their place of work. But the Internet provides a possible way out.

With about 1.1 billion people on line in 2005 and another 700 million due to join soon, the Internet represents a marketplace of staggering proportions to anyone who wants to try to make money from it. But over 96.5% of Internet business startups fail within two years. The technology is so sophisticated and the jargon so baffling that people find it difficult to make a success of business in the competitive world of the Internet.

‘We are thirsting for knowledge but drowning in information’

A recent survey of Internet business beginners shows that most of the home business help sites are too complex to be of use. ‘These sites just overwhelm the visitor with huge amounts of repeated information, with no consideration of how it can be of assistance.’ says Dr John Prendergast, an analyst of business startups. ‘What work from home beginners need is a source of sequentially presented, easy to follow information on how to build an attractive website, how to odraw in lots of visitors and how to convert the stream of visitors into customers. It also needs to be impartial, the majority of sites have an alternative agenda of which users should be aware.’

We’ve tried to provide what people need at our own site,, and it seems to be filling a niche. We’ve cut out all the clutter and have had a lot of favourable comments.

So what can an Internet beginner expect to earn from their efforts? It varies enormously – the Web abounds with tales of complete beginners earning six-figure sums each month, within a few weeks of starting. There’s no doubt that this sort of thing is achievable but it is exceptional. With a little imagination and effort, is should be possible to bring in between $500 and $1500 per month after three months.

‘We can look forward to a strong growth in this sector’ says Dr Prendergast, ‘more and more people are beginning to realize that they can improve their lifestyle by working from home. People have always wanted to do it, it’s just that the Internet now puts the dream within reach for those bold enough to grasp the nettle.’

Dr. John Prendergast studies Startup Internet Businesses and publishes his findings in a newsletter entitled “The HomeIncome Newsletter”

Contact Dr. John Prendergast for more information. Direct line: 01603 813239
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