What Are Your Goals For Your Home Business?

Studies have shown that regardless of a person’s background, their experience, age, or country of residence, all successful Home Business Entrepreneurs have one thing in common. They have all set specific goals and pursue them with laser-like vision to their completion.

Let’s participate in a little exercise…
Suppose we were speaking person to person, and I asked you what your goals are for next year and insisted that you answer, how would you reply? Would you be able to reply? Or would you find it difficult to give me a straight answer?

Let’s take this assignment a little further. How would you describe the word ‘goal’?

My dictionary defines a goal as the end toward which a person’s effort or his energy is directed. It is his purpose.

Seems straightforward, right? But the meaning is still hazy…
Using this meaning, your goal can be:
(1) Success in your home business” or
(2) Become top in your niche or
(3) Invest in your list

All these goals are excellent, but still unclear, obscure and difficult to measure. Unless your goals are well defined, specified, and measurable, they will always net you substandard results.

Okay, we are going to reassess each of the three goals above, but this time we are going to use language that is a little clearer and more precise so that we will be able to trace our progress in relation to each one of our goals.

1. Success in our home business:
We will target ourselves to make $4,500 plus per month within the next sixty days. We will then expand our operations so that we are earning $15,000 per month for the next three months. By the end of the our first year our income should not be less than $155,000.

2. Become top in our niche:
Our goal is to be in the 20th position in all the major search engines by the end of January. By the end of May, we should be in the number 10 position, and be in the top 5 by August, so that by December we would have achieved our desired target of being in the number one position …ready to reap huge rewards during the heaviest shopping period of the year!

3. Invest in our list:

Our targeted “list” goal is to explode our present list to 50,000 by June 30. Then we can start running our websites as a full time home business. We will set our minimum, targeted cash flow prediction from our websites, to at least $6,000 per month.

While each of these statistics quoted have been chosen strictly to demonstrate my point, I am sure you get the idea. The second set of targeted goals is much clearer and specific than the first. It is much easier to track each stage and measure the progress as you go through your business year.

Challenge yourself during this year. Go ahead and set your targets. Be specific, set achievable goals and single-mindedly head for your finish line! Let this year be your year of astounding home business success!

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