Extending the Outdoors into a Comfortable, Usable Space for Work or Play

If space is all that is between you and enjoying the freedom of working from home, then please read on.

If you read The Popcorn report from 15 years ago, the author Faith Popcorn was right – what she calls cocooning, a new phenomena where people spend more time at home – made possible by new technologies and driven by the need for people to have more flexibility, spend less time travelling and more time with the family – has happened.

We probably live in one of the most exciting times with so many new options available – just a generation or two ago controlled factory workers would never have imagined that their great grand children would have a space in their garden where they worked from with total flexible working hours.

Most people have a strong desire to work from home, despite having little free space in their homes and even if they did have sufficient space working at home is often too noisy with many distractions and what about mum not wanting you in her space, whose space?, well admit it you are supposed to be at the office during the day.

Besides the strong desire and endless benefits for people to work from home there has been one draw back – SPACE. The shortage of space has, until now, inhibited many people from giving up the humdrum of a 9-5 working day in place of creating a peaceful comfortable space to work in.

Most of us know an extension will cost about £50,000, assuming your house can accommodate one, and what about planning permission – even then your office is still part of the house.

There is however one perfect solution: a timber building at the bottom of your garden away from everything – a place where you can double your productivity and at the end of the day you can lock the door and be home in a few seconds. You do not need planning permission or a huge loan and when you move your home will be worth more, in fact a lot of homes don’t sell easily if they lack office space.

For Outdoors specialize in building quality garden offices that are comfortable, warm, with a feeling of space that provide the very best life / work balance. If you would like to learn more about building that special space then please call Roy Jackson on 01483-889666 or visit our website www.gardenofficeco.co.uk.

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