Moms Are Finding They Can Make More Money – Staying At Home

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According to the Children’s Defense Fund and Runzheimer International, parents are paying an average of $250 to $1,250 monthly for daycare. A mother making about $20,000 could actually find she is really only bringing home $5000 a year once all the additional costs of her working outside the home are figured in. To see what you’re family is really making each month visit:

Between commuting, eating out, and buying clothes/uniforms for work, moms are out about $400.00 or more a month. Depending on the area they live in, how many hours they work, and how many kids they have in daycare, a mom can also be paying anywhere from $650 to $1,650 a month in extra costs associated with working outside the home.

Michelle Fender was making $8.50 an hour and working 35 hours a week as a teacher’s aid. It wasn’t bad when she just had her first baby. “Then almost six years ago my son came along. I realized that by the time I paid for gas, lunch, and paid my mother-in-law for two kid, I wasn’t going to have any money left,” explains Michelle.

One solution families are coming up with is to bring mom back home. A new survey in the UK by Prima Baby magazine found, “More than half the mothers would rather quit their jobs and stay at home with their children if they could afford it. More moms would probably like the idea if they knew that even though they were home with their kids, they could still find a way to help fill the family coffers.”

Online work-at-home mom site, is finding a huge need for work-at-home mom resources. With women owning roughly 66% of all home businesses, there is a definite trend of moms leaving the workplace to come home and make money.

It’s being discovered by families around the world that what is important isn’t so much that both parents work outside of the home, but that they are able to bring in that second income. Work-at-home moms are finding that they save the family hundreds of dollars a month when working at home and, as an added bonus, she’s there for her kids.

About the author: is the leading online resource for work-from-home ideas. Founded by Liz Folger in 1997, the site offers home-based business start-up kits, online classes, e-books, chats and enthusiastic support for moms who want to have it all – a family and a career.
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