Google Updates AdWords Keyword Tool

A recent update to the Keyword Tool in AdWords allows advertisers to view additional information about keywords the client may wish to select for a campaign.

Google last released an updated Keyword Tool in November 2005. That provided information on the general popularity of a keyword based on competition for it. They also made a feature available that allowed clients to generate keywords based on a webpage’s content.

The latest update to the Keyword Tool has something new: global traffic trends. Google explained what those are in its help section:

Review global trends and traffic histories for your keywords (Avg. Search Volume) and fluctuations in traffic for a twelve month period (Search Volume Trends). The graph represents traffic trends during the last twelve months.

Each bar in the graph is shown relative to the keyword’s overall performance for the twelve month period. (The baseline for search volume is considered to be an average of 100%.) You can also see in which month a given keyword received the highest volume of traffic during the twelve month period (Highest Volume Occurred In).

AdWords clients can access the new feature from their account or from the AdWords home page, the team noted in its post. They also “added the option to add keywords of any match type, including negative keywords, directly to any Ad Group.”

David A. Utter
Staff Writer – WebPro News

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