The UK Says “What’s A Yahoo?”

In a Cockney accent: In the United Kingdom, three out of four punters use Google – yeah, mate, that’s some 75 percent. That’s what WebSideStory, Inc. said anyway. Yahoo! barely gets a mention, and Jeeves, no wonder he retired, hardly anyone was making use of ‘im.

WebSideStory collected searcher data for the month of February 2006 and found that Google referred an average of 74.67 percent of all U.K. visitors to other sites on the Web.

Yahoo! commanded just 9.3 percent as Google’s nearest competitor. Google search percentage in the U.K. exceeds both the U.S. average (55.39 percent), and the global average (62.4 percent).

“Even more so in the U.K. than in the U.S., when people think of search, they think of Google,” said Rand Schulman, Chief Marketing Officer for WebSideStory.

“This has large implications for U.K. marketers, whose search engine marketing and optimization strategies should be Google-centric.”

The U.K. top five search engines are the same as the U.S. with a bit of a smaller share of the market. After Yahoo!, MSN referred 5.46 percent, AOL 4.21 percent, and Ask Jeeves 2.28 percent.

Jason Lee Miller
Staff Writer – WebProNews

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