Troubleshooting Forum is a Godsend!!

MacintoshMy mind has been unsettled for about a month. Why? My beloved eMac has not been as responsive to my touch as usual. The beautiful young man of just one and a half years kept on behaving as if he (all my computers are male) had a bad dose of gastroenteritis.

First Dreamweaver refused to open. By the time I got it working again Firefox decided to do the same thing. This continued with several programs until I could no longer repair the permissions on my computer.

Living on an island where there is no Macintosh support and not much of a Mac community. I have had to learn to do my own troubleshooting. I attacked my task of finding a solution to my computer’s problems with great gusto this morning. I had made a decision that today was the last day I would live with them. I searched the web until I found the solution in the MacFixItForums. Now my eMac is again healthy and strong and working like a the finely tuned machine that it is.

I just want to say Thanks to the people in the MacFixIt Forum who made it possible! Without my computer I cannot run my home business which is not only highly profitable but a whole lot of fun!

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