Open Your Mind to Possibilities

As we go through life, we pass many opportunities by. Sometimes we see them but do not recognize them as opportunities. Other times we see excellent opportunities, but cannot take advantage of them for one reason or another. It is time to open your mind to possibilities around you and how you can utilize them.

Do you write down ideas for future investigation? Could you do small things toward an opportunity and slowly make it a reality? Often we are overwhelmed by the size of a task. We are dwarfed by the monumental complexity of reaching a goal or taking advantage of a dream.

What can you do to start moving toward the possibilities in your life? Do little things. Little things add up to huge things over time. If you were to ad 1% a day to anything, at the end of a year you would have a tremendous increase. If you only added 1% improvement each week for a year, think of the amount you could achieve.

A 1% increase in your income, a 1% increase in your productivity, a 1% increase in any activity or skill you are involved in on a regular basis would me a huge change at the end of a year.

Maybe you will not be able to speak French or Spanish overnight, but learn a word a day and at the end of this year you will have a large vocabulary. Apply this to anything you do and at the end of a year look back at the results.

Could a 1% increase in your internet marketing activity each week bring you to an online income that would help your financial situation? Open you mind to the possibilities of small actions leading to great results. How about increasing the time you spend reading by 1% a day. Think of the books you will read in a year.

An oak tree grows slowly over time. The small actions of an acorn lead to a mighty tree. An axeman may decide to cut the tree down, but a single swing of his ax barely does damage to the tree. It is the continual swing of the ax and the blade biting into the tree that produces results. It takes time for the man’s efforts to even truly damage the tree and longer still to bring it down.

So it is with life. Small changes over time lead to large results. Maybe you can find areas in your life you need to change. Open you mind to the possibilities of change. Believe change is possible and you can move mountains. Then start today to make small changes, even insignificant changes. Everything counts and they all add up.

Look into areas of your life where you need or want to change. Now, make a decision that you will improve in that area 1% a day, week or month. Small activities can lead to large results in time. Make a commitment to yourself to do one small thing every day that leads toward your desired outcome. Look back in a week or a month and see the results. If you are consistent, you will be amazed.

This is all about the question, “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer is just what I have been talking about, “One bite at a time”.

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