Search Marketing Grabs More Customers

Many businesses are missing out on a great opportunity to use an innovative method of 21st century advertising. Search marketing is out there and it’s being underused for promotion.

Some companies’ campaigns have used search marketing successfully, though it’s often hard to quantify.

SearchInsider mentions the interactive campaign used by Sony for “The Da Vinci Code” that required players to use Google search services to complete the puzzles. (Though one might point out that if there was one thing that didn’t need to be hyped, it was “The Da Vinci Code”. After spending at least two consecutive years in the Top 10 New York Times Bestseller Booklist, you scarcely need hype, but the point is still valid.)

Baskin-Robbins has hooked up with Yahoo Local to urge entrants to ‘find the pink spoon” and win prizes if they do.

Currently, promotions that are integrated with search are usually “seasonal” or holiday related. More businesses are using them in connection with contests or games that have a limited shelf life.

If you search for “Coke” on Google, up comes a sponsored link called “My Coke Rewards” with the ad copy telling you that you can enter a $10,000 sweepstakes and win! That has a lot more urgency and top of mind retention than a simple ad that tells you once again “Things Go Better With Coke!”

On Yahoo, when you search for “contest”, you’ll see a paid ad for a luxury vacation. But if you enter the search word as “Botox”, the same marketer has an ad concentrating on “wrinkle treatment”. The crossover possibilities are only limited by the marketers’ imaginations.

You just have to keep the “integration” concept between the product and the search word choices in mind.

These types of promotions work best when the marketer seeks to generate leads. For marketers looking to close transactions with every click, the promotion could be a distraction. Consumers looking to purchase immediately, such as those entering keyword phrases with specific product names or models, will likely want to finish their task as quickly as possible.

Using these integrated promotions also help the advertiser build valuable mailing lists.

Since it’s a (comparatively) rarely used promotional method at this point in time, it’s a great way to stand out from the massive clutter of advertising seen everywhere else. Chances like this don’t come along too often. Try it. You might win!

Alex Bard – Staff Writer, WebProNews

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