Why Didn’t My Prospect Join?

Have you ever had a prospect, who you thought was ready to become a member of your team, only to find out they changed their mind or worse yet, joined with someone else? Nothing can be more disheartening than to have a prospect you thought was ready to join your organization turn cold.

Why did the prospect turn cold?

Simple, you did not understand what motivated your prospect. A good internet marketer understands that there are several reasons that motivate prospects. Think back to when you got into the business. What was your motivation? How did that marketer find out what your “hot points” were? We all know that building a rapport is a basic prospecting principle. However, until you master the skills of how to approach and involve your prospect to learn what motivates them, you will continue to have trouble keeping a prospect “hot”.

What is the prospects motivation?

It is important to understand when approaching a prospect – “Prospects will make a decision based on their reasons and NOT yours!” Whether it is security, extra income, more free time, business ownership, whatever the need is that motivates your prospects, you will have to uncover what that need is in order for them to do business with you. When talking to a prospect assume nothing, but search for a fit between what the prospect needs and what solution you have to offer.

The simple formula to approaching and involving your prospect is to ask questions, the right questions. Asking questions promotes prospect involvement and you maintain an interest in the presentation. The next thing you need to do is LISTEN to what your prospect says – it is vital! If you do not hear what your prospect said, you will never learn what motivates them. If you are talking more than 20% of the time, you are talking too much and need to start listening more. Once you know your prospects motivation, you will be able to sell your business opportunity by showing them that your product or service meets their need.

Keep your prospect hot!

If you are viewed by your prospect as a credible person, someone they would be comfortable doing business with, have a good understanding of your products or services, develop the skills to understand what motivates your prospect and can deliver a solution to their needs. You will be well on your way to keeping the prospect “hot” and doing business with you.

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