Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Produce Results

Affiliate Marketers are constantly looking for products that will produce BIG profits. Many affiliates begin marketing online thinking that you can just put a few banners on a website and Bingo… Cash will magically flow into their bank account. Unfortunately, this is not quite how it works. Making affiliate marketing a success is an attainable reality but it takes a combination of good marketing practices, hard work and dedication. Here are three simple strategies which should produce the results that will enable you to gradually increase your sales, and become highly successful as an online affiliate.

Successful Affiliate Marketing Strategies:

=> Promote each of your products or opportunities using unique web pages.
Build a well laid out, highly focused website. Give each product a clearly, well documented page. Include a review of each product or opportunity and of course, testimonials from people who have already tried the product or signed up for the opportunity. This will give your customers confidence in the products or opportunities you are offering on your site and make them want to find out more.

Write articles featuring the positive aspects of each or your products or opportunities and include the pages on your website. Use headlines that will attract your visitors and entice them to continue reading and of course, buy your products.

=> Get visitors who are precisely targeted to your products or opportunities.
If a person who visits your site has no interest in what you are selling they will probably leave and never come back. However, when you write articles targeted to your products and opportunities for inclusion in e-zines or other online and offline publication, your visitors should be precisely targeted to what your are offering on your website. You can use this method to generate a continuous flow of readers.

Write at least one 300-600 word article every week. By continuously writing and submitting articles you can generate as many as 100 targeted website visitors daily. If just 1% of your visitors bought a product, you will have sold 7 products each week just from that source alone.

=> Offer free reports, ebooks or software to your readers.
People love free things! Position your free offers at the top of your web page where they attract the most attention. Then create a minimum of seven autoresponder messages to be emailed to the visitors who give you their personal information. According to research, a sale is closed usually on the seventh contact with a prospect.

When people visit your web page, your prospect either leaves your page or goes on to buy your product. When you give them valuable information over a period of time, you continually remind them of your product. Try to direct visitors to your site and article content without making it sound like a sales pitch, while giving them specific reasons why they should sign up for your opportunities and buy your products. Once you have gained their trust with your autoresponder messages, web pages and article content they will make a purchase.

Try to focus on the important points like how your opportunities and products can enrich their lives. Make the subject lines of your emails compelling and avoid using words that will trigger the spam filters like “free” or “money”. You want your email to arrive in your prospect’s mailbox, not be classified as junk and deleted. Convince the people who have signed up for your free gifts that they will be missing something huge if they do not avail themselves of your products and opportunities.

Try using these three simple strategies with all your affiliate programs. It will of course require some time, planning and action on your part to put them into practice, but that is not difficult to accomplish. Once these strategies are set in motion your source of income should gradually increase and you will on your way to achieving your goal of becoming a well paid affiliate.

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