A Quick Way To Get Website Visitors That Spend!

Home Business Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to promote their home business and increase their sales. There are many ways to generate web site traffic encompassing a wide range of cost choices. Yet some webmasters tend to overlook the potential of one of the best methods of generating motivated visitors to their websites. This is a free method that can boost your sales, and double or even triple your income over time.

One of the simplest ways to get motivated visitors to your website is by writing articles about your website and your products or opportunities and submitting them to “free content” submission sites. This method takes a little time but the effect is totally viral and definitely worth the effort.

When you publish original articles on “free content” submission sites the rewards are huge, so it is worth your while to try and perfect this aspect of online promotion as it consistently continues to deliver great results.

Publishing articles on the theme of your site tends to make you an authority on that theme over a period of time. People begin to trust you and once you have published a number of good articles you gain the respect of your peers and the trust of your customers. Once your customers trust you they will buy your products or sign up for your opportunities.

Authors are allowed to include a resource box when publishing their articles. This is your opportunity to include a link back to your website. After reading your articles, the reader may decide to pay your website a visit and click on the link in your resource box. Articles on “free content” sites are also available to other webmasters, ezine and newsletter publishers who may wish to publish your article. When they do, the published article will include the resource box with the link back to your website.

Major search engines place great significance on incoming website links. As you write more articles your list of published articles will appear on many different websites. This will increase the number of incoming links to your site. The more incoming links your website has the more importance the search engines will attach to your site and consequently your website’s search engine rank will increase.

An increase in your website’s rank, will of course mean more visitors. These will be targeted visitors who may want to buy your products because they have read and enjoyed your article. But even if your visitors only browse your website, they will have a good idea of where they can find the items you are promoting and store the information for future use.

Search engines index published articles. When you write an article about one of your products, services or your website’s topic, and someone searches for that topic, your site will be included in the list of results. If you are ranked high for that search term on the search engine they are using, your site will be included among the top listings, which will mean lots of targeted traffic for your website.

Writing and submitting one article to a free content sites with good article submission software, takes only a few minutes and if the article is well done it will be picked up shortly after submission by those who would want to use it either on they websites, or in their newsletters or their ezines. Once your article starts being used your website visitors will increase.

Now that so many people are searching for and buying things online, having your articles on “free content” sites and indexed by the search engines is one of the most cost effective way of getting targeted traffic to your website and increasing your sales.

If you are a home business entrepreneur and you have not yet begun to write and submit articles as a one of your methods of online promotion, you are missing out. Begin today! Before you know it, your visitors and sales will increase.

You will also get an added benefit… A great feeling of satisfaction when you type your website’s name into one of the major search engines and see the number of sites linking to yours. Think of it – all these benefits at no cost to you!

About the author:
Home Business Entrepreneur Janice Sharman enjoys helping people start and run their own home based business. For FREE information on how you can start and build a successful Work at Home Business go to: https://www.profits4sure.com

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