Confessions Of A Home Business Entrepreneur

I have been working at home part time for almost 3 years. It was a considerable challenge fitting in the promotion and marketing of three websites with a full time job but somehow I managed it. I suppose that is because I enjoy a challenge.

Then I decided to sell my offline business and put my money where my mouth had been these past years and concentrate on my online home business. I am now a full time home business entrepreneur of two weeks.

Working at home after an active job is a big challenge. I miss the interaction of staff and clients. Sure my friends pop in at odd times during the day, but that is not the same thing. I have no children living with me, as my only daughter is now married. What do home business entrepreneurs do apart from work and chores to replace the interaction that an offline job provides?

Since working from home, I have also discovered that I need to be a lot more time conscious and structured in my thinking. It is easy to spend all my time working while neglecting the necessary household chores which are a lot less interesting.

I really enjoy my home business, but I crave interaction with someone else besides my spouse.

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