How to Avoid Internet Marketing Ad Overload

You have come up with an idea for a way to make money on the net or you have decided which program you would like to promote online. You have built a terrific website that is informative and entertaining. Do you know what will be the biggest obstacle to your online success? It happens every day to millions of marketers online and no one is saying anything about how detrimental this problem can be to your marketing efforts.

Has this happened to you? You’ve joined a program or built a site and you know that your most important task every day is to drive traffic to that site. Even though you know that you must drive traffic to that site, that the very survival of your enterprise depends on that traffic; you waste countless hours every week opening the offers that flood your inbox every day instead of promoting your own site or program. Come on admit it. Everyone does it, but the really successful marketers are able to focus their energy like a laser on their single most important marketing task.

It’s hard to not look at all the offers that you receive every day. After all, marketers everywhere continue to use email to get their message out and some of them are very creative people. The subject lines in your inbox are screaming, “Open Me” as loud as possible. As an intelligent person you are naturally curious to find out what’s inside that message. Don’t do it!

As enticing as those subject lines are, don’t waste your time opening them up. You have already built your site or chosen your program. You need to be promoting only that site or program. The time that you waste looking at someone else’s offer can never be recovered. Each of us only gets 24 hours per day. You need to spend as many of those 24 hours promoting your site or chosen program. Until your site ranks high enough to get natural traffic from the search engines, your primary task is to drive traffic to your site – nothing else.

One way to stay focused on your online enterprise is to protect the email addresses that are linked to your offer. Never use these addresses to join lists or subscribe to newsletters. If you do, in no time the mailboxes will be filled with offers instead of messages pertinent to your enterprise. For example, use [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] for the payment, customer support and general information requirements of your site and never use them for anything else. That way you can get through your daily email chores quickly and have more time for traffic generation.

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