Mac Versus A PC for Graphic Design

I haven’t posted for a while… No, I am not lazy, even though I live in the tropics and laid back is the norm here. Yours truly has been busy. I have just updated two of my websites and am working feverishly on the third one which I hope will be ready to be published some time this month.

Running a home business using a Macintosh presents unique challenges. Although they are superior machines (I should know, I changed from a PC in the late 80’s and have not looked back), most of the population of planet earth have not woken up to that fact yet. This has both pros and cons.

Pros: Mac Users do not get many of the worms and viruses that infect the PC’s. We have the best operating system on the planet but to name a few. Both definite pluses when running a home business.

Cons: More programs are written for the inferior machines. Why is that? Let me put in my list now so that anyone who is up to the challenge and reads this will take notice and help me out. Not having the ability to use lots of the programs available for PC’s cost me time I can spend marketing my home business more effectively.

Here are just two of the programs I’m after that will enhance my home business
1) Article Submitter that will run on an Apple Macintosh
2) Keyword research tool

A friend of mine sent me something I thought would be great on a blog. Hope it lifts your day.

Mac Versus A PC for Graphic Design

This explains why PC people have a reputation as CLUELESS and Mac people seem to always know better. I’m sure you have already heard some of this but this is just so you know, you should never let a Mac person make you look dumb. Darn bullies.

Here we go:
The Apple used to be better but now days it is no better than the PC for graphics. The trick is setting the PC up correctly. The PC is no good if you don’t set it up right. It needs to be set up “like a Mac”. Beginniners don’t know this so they just assume Mac is better.

When you get a PC from the store it is set up for a Corporate Network, not for graphics people. Home users don’t know this they just assume it has to be this way and Macs are for graphics.
You have to go in and change the set up and then it works as good as any Mac. Although the PC will never LOOK cool it will work fine. At much less cost. In the beginning I suggest you learn the right things and worry about looking cool later on.

Most people on PCs are always losing files, can’t find anything, don’t know how to get the photos out of the camera, can’t find the MP3s, they are just clueless. The Mac is made for doing that stuff. The PC is made for Networks and they let third party software do all that.
PC people think you need a different “software” to do every-thing. They often have 52 programs and can’t keep up with learning them all.

I noticed the new Microsoft operating system “Panorama” is coming out, and it won’t even turn on unless you have at least one gig of RAM. One gig of RAM! For WHAT??? You haven’t even put your software on it and it needs one gig of RAM. Thats because it’s so full of garbage. You need to turn all that junk OFF when you bring it home from the store. All that “junk” is what makes the price so cheap.

Macs tends to not play it that way. All that “junk” easily gets hosed up and it doesn’t take much to turn your spiffy new computer into a slug. That’s another reason they use One gig of RAM, so it can Power through the slug times! They know its easier(cheaper) to just make more horsepower than it is to re-engineer a better system.

I can show you how to change your PC around to make it set up for graphics. On a Mac the Desktop IS the main C: drive as it should be. On a PC the Desktop is hidden, the drives are hidden. People mistakenly think they are on the Desktop when they see all the ICONs and the pretty background image. That is not the Desktop, its a Sub Folder, its a network “Profile”, its has your name, or “Guest” or Admin or whatever but it is not the Desktop. The Real Desktop is the main C: drive which is hidden away. Macs don’t do this folly.

If you notice on the PC everything is geared toward the “My Documents view”. People think the My Documents view is “the desktop” when its not, its a single folder buried five levels down. Notice in the My Documents view they have hidden your drives so you don’t really know where you are at. They also shut off your file extentions so you have no idea what is .JPG what is a .GIF or a .DOC You need to go in and turn those on. You need to SEE your drives so you can see the scanner, the camera, the thumbdrive or anything else attached to your computer. This is why PC people have a reputation of having no idea where their files are at and they are always lost.

You can still use the My Documents “Folders”, you know the ones “My Music” “My Video” etc. you can still use those, you just need to access them in a different way. Use the Windows Explorer View and you can still use the My Documents Folders but you’ll be able to see all your DRIVES and all your folders all at once. You will never be lost, you always see where your at. You can delete things, make new folders, move things around all from ONE VIEW.
No need to COPY-PASTE things and go searching for folders.

Now do you understand why PC people have a reputation as CLUELESS and Mac people seem to always know better?

Oops… Did I put my foot in it? Can’t help myself… I just love my Mac!!

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