Tips for Getting Your Blog on Google’s First Page

It is fairly easy to make money with a blog. It doesn’t matter if the purpose of your blog is to get visitors to your sales page or to sell affiliate products, getting your blog on the first page of Google can be done quickly and easily.

If you use these tips, you could get your blog listed on the first page of Google for several keywords within a month or two, depending on how competitive your niche is. A video game site that followed these tips got on the first page of Google, in the fifth spot, for a popular search term when the site was less than one month old.

Here are the five quick tips for getting to the first page of Google:

1. Put some original content on your blog
Post at least once a day but not more than every two to three hours. It will look strange if you post to your blog every few minutes. Continue adding new content regularly. You can use content from an article directory or private label rights articles, but the more original your content is the better.

2. When you have at least five posts with original content then submit your blog to Google’s sitemap
. It’s not hard, and it only takes a few minutes. As long as you have a blog that looks authentic and is not filled with scraped content, this is a good start to getting noticed by Google.

3. Write original articles and submit them to article directories such as,,, and Do not submit more than one a day since it is better to not inundate the article directories or they might think you are spamming them. A good resource box with links back to your site is very important.

4. Submit your RSS feed to at least fifty sites
This can be done in less than a couple of minutes using RSS Submit (, a great piece of software that automatically submits your feed to more than fifty sites. The price is very reasonable (less than $50) but if you don’t want to spend any money and would rather do it by hand, Robin Good sells a list of 55 RSS submission sites for a very small fee.

5. Get your URL link listed in as many places as possible

Submit your site to directories like DMOZ. Answer questions at and include your URL with your signature. Leave comments on blogs that are in a related niche to yours, again including your URL in the signature. Do a search with the phrase “keyword add url” and add your URL at sites that allow you to do it for free. “Keyword” would be replaced by one of your keywords for your niche. Submit your blog to Technorati. Submit your original posts to social bookmarking sites like Digg, Netscape, Redit, Plugim, and so on. Be sure to tell friends to vote for your submissions at the social bookmarking sites.

These five quick tips will give your blog a powerful boost and get your blog on the first page of Google in a very short time. Within days you should be getting traffic from Google as you rise in the search engines. And you did it with spending little or no money.

About the author:
Janice Sharman, enjoys helping independent thinking employees fulfill their dream of owning their own profitable home business. To find out how you can start your journey to financial independence go to and subscribe to her “Secrets To Sure Profits” newsletter.

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