Got An Entrepreneurial Archilles’ Heel?

Work at home

Work at home

Last night before I went to bed, I carefully set out in black and white the things I had targeted to complete today.

This morning I woke early full of enthusiasm and rearing to go. I started the first task and got it completed. Then I decided to attack the second task on my list. Guaranteed it is not my favorite task…

Half an hour into the second task, I realize that I am researching something else completely and have to rein myself in to get the job completed.

Being an entrepreneur demands a lot of self discipline and it becomes especially difficult if you have young children competing for your attention.

What is my Entrepreneurial Archilles’ Heel? I let unimportant things get in the way of completing the jobs I have planned. After all this time, I still find the internet so totally fascinating that I am easily sidetracked. I’m constantly having to be strict with myself in order to complete my daily to-do lists.

What hinders or sidetracks you from your self-assigned tasks as you work at home?

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