Should More Websites Equal More Hassle?

Any home business entrepreneur or internet marketer who has decided to pursue their goals by traveling down the road of developing a large number of niche websites – rather than focusing all their attention on one or two supersites – eventually faces this dilemma. Is the web design software you’ve chosen capable of managing 1, 50 or more websites with ease, or is it going to make the task of managing and updating your portfolio of websites too much to handle?

Unfortunately, many niche marketers are well down the road before this problem begins to have a significant impact on their productivity. I know, I’ve been there. They may already have 5 or 10 websites up and running before they begin to notice that a problem may be looming. Once they do, another question rapidly comes to mind, “Should I keep going, or switch all my sites over to some other software now?”

There isn’t one simple, catch-all solution. The software you choose, will be determined as much by your need to build and manage a large number of websites as by how you intend to maintain them going forward. Converting your existing sites over to another application is probably a task best outsourced. Stick to what you’re good at.

If you expect to continue to maintain your growing portfolio by yourself, then software such as XSitePro is more than up to the task. It is cheaper than Dreamweaver and has a far less daunting learning curve. The included templates are not all that inspiring, but there are some better ones available to buy and it is relatively easy to modify template graphics to suit your needs.

Managing a large number of sites in XSitePro is quite easy. The software can keep track of your Adsense details as well as multiple affiliate accounts, making it ideal for internet marketers. Any changes to a site can be published with just a mouse click. The built in SEO tools and reporting functions are very useful and can save a lot of time and costly errors.

The growing popularity of Web 2.0 and social bookmarking sites, however, puts XSitePro at a disadvantage as it is not built to design sites with the required functionality. Wordpress and Joomla stand out in this arena, and have the added benefit of making collaboration and user created content very easy, but managing a large number of Wordpress or Joomla sites would be a chore.

Blogging is another area that XSitePro is not equipped for. But if blogging is your thing, then there is another cheap, even free, solution to managing a lot of websites that is worth considering … Blogger. Although Wordpress has become the blogging tool of choice for many internet marketers, Blogger allows you to create unlimited blogs for free, host them for free and manage them all from one place, your Blogger Dashboard. If you have your own hosting account you can host your blogs there and still manage them all from your Dashboard.

Of course, the easiest, if not the cheapest way to manage a large number of websites is to pay someone else to do it!

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