Advantages of Starting A Home-based Business

A recent poll showed that almost 75 percent of Americans are seriously thinking of starting a business working from home. Why? Most of the people polled are dissatisfied with their present job, and with the rapid advances in computer and internet technology, many people are turning to the Internet to look for work at home ideas and opportunities.

So what are the advantages of working at home?

1. No More Commuting!
For many people, the daily schedule of getting up early to travel to work is unappealing. But, if they wish to get to their workplace they have no option but to commute. When you work at home, you won’t have to worry about late, packed trains, traffic jams or episodes of road rage, your daily commute is but a few seconds.

2. Time Management
Working at home allows you to set your own hours. You soon learn to manage your time to suit your schedule. You’ll have time for exercise, time to plan your working day, time for education, time for long term planning and time to make money. You can go on vacation whenever it is convenient to you and not have to worry about fitting in with your boss’s schedule.

3. The Parenting Benefit
If you have small children, working at home is a very attractive option. It gives you the opportunity to be a part of all your kids’ important moments. You can be an on-the-job parent and enjoy all the huge rewards that brings, instead of an absentee parent reaping the whirlwind.

When you work from home, you’ll enjoy all the rewards of you own hard work. Most employees know that their work is crucial to the financial stability and longevity of their company, but they unfortunately also know that they will never reap but a tiny fraction of the company’s financial rewards. With your own home business your time and efforts are concentrated on your own earning power and potential.

4. Huge Financial Benefits
The five second commute means you spend a lot less on travel expenses including gasoline, the wear and tear on your vehicle, tolls and parking. You clothing bill is more than halved because if there is no need to come face-to-face with your client, working in your pajamas might the creative juices flowing more quickly than an expensive and constricting three-piece business suit.

5. You Are Your Own Boss!
The best part of being a work at home entrepreneur is that you are your own boss.
You are in total control of how much you earn. If you are a good home business entrepreneur, you can make a lot more money than you will ever make working for someone else.

About the author:
Janice Sharman would enjoy showing you how to start your very own home business and help you learn how to successfully make money working from home.

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