How to Succeed As An Internet Marketer

3d peopleAnyone trying to make a living with Internet marketing has at least three things against them: They are working on their own, they are being bombarded with new products all the time, and they will find it very tempting to jump from one money making plan to another. How does one ever succeed online?


Anyone who is their own boss has to be very self-disciplined. There is no one telling you to get up and get to work. No one (unless it is your spouse) is going to tell you to get off the phone or away from the TV and do something that will make money.

You are on your own, all the time. It is completely up to you whether you spend one hour a day being productive or eight hours. That is why self-discipline is so important.

It also takes self-discipline to not spend hours going over e-mails instead of working. It is recommended that you limit the number of e-mail lists you join. Why subscribe to 50 e-mail lists and then have to spend two hours wading through your inbox deleting all those e-mails?

Signing up for two or three e-mail lists should be enough. Limit it to the experts you really want to hear from. Or better yet, subscribe to their RSS feeds.

It also takes self-discipline to not purchase every new product that comes out with big promises of making you big money or simplifying your life. The basic rule to follow is if it doesn’t help you in the area you have chosen to focus in, or if you already have more than enough, then pass it by.

If the product is something that will help streamline your business, you might want to consider it. Does it cut down on the amount of work you have to do? Does it include leveraging your time by giving work out to other people? It might be worth the investment.

But if it is a product that teaches something that you really don’t need at this point, then don’t fall for it. Let it pass.

Stay Focussed

Which leads to the next point, stay focussed. It is so incredibly easy to jump from one thing to another. First, you need to have a business plan. Second, you need to stick with that plan.

If, after you have given it a chance, you find that the plan is not working, then consider altering course. But be careful you are not changing your business plan just because you have become bored with it.

Yes, it helps to be excited about what you are working on, but there are going to be times when everyone gets bored with what they are doing. Take a day off, if that will help, or get together with friends who are also home business owners and just talk. Renew the passion you had when you started the business.

It is much better to sit back and renew your focus than to trash one business plan for another and then another and then another. You will discover a year from now that your income is much less than it could have been because you failed to concentrate on one plan.

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