Listened to Any Good Audiobooks Lately?

audio-books-798580Well-written and entertaining books have long been a way to relax and enjoy or to learn something new. But the main problem with reading books the old-fashioned way is that you have to sit and concentrate with the book spread out before you.

Audio-books have revolutionized the way we read books and has also increased the number of books that we read. New and advanced technology has brought us into the age of being able to listen while we’re doing just about anything.

Nowadays, tiny devices that we can fit into our purses or pockets carry huge volumes of information that we can listen to at any time. We don’t have to limit our enjoyment of these devices to music any longer – audio-books are being snatched off the shelves in record volume.

Publishers are enlisting celebrities to read their best sellers and that only increases their desirability. Familiar faces are linked to familiar voices and sales of audio-books are going through the roof.

One advocate of audio-books timed listening to books as opposed to reading them. She states that listening to audio-books took her approximately four hours per book. If she had stopped to read the written versions of the books, it would have taken her 120 hours – or three weeks of eight-hour days.

You can listen to audio-books while exercising, driving or doing chores around the house. Any time that you find yourself with an unproductive situation, an audio-book can help you use time that would ordinarily be wasted.

You can listen to a good book when your eyes are too tired to read one. Just switch on the audio-book and let your mind soar. It’s a great relaxation and stress relieving tool.

Listening to good audio-books can help us learn, entertain us and if you are a home business entrepreneur – inspire, educate or motivate us. They appeal to every sense – except smell – and publishers may be working on that even as you read this article.

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