The Giants Fight Over More Power

boxglove-713864Since Microsoft started it’s bid to takeover Yahoo several other giants want in. What is this fight really about? It is about who has the most power and who really controls What we do online! My whole take on this is how will it affect the online home business industry and all internet marketers who use the services of these internet giants?

David Drummond, a Google senior vice president and its chief legal officer, thinks the combination of Microsoft and Yahoo could undermine competition on the Web and called on policy makers to challenge the combination. Thinking about Microsoft’s monopoly with it’s Windows software, do we the home business entrepreneurs, really want this particular giant in a position to monopolize search or have such a big stake in our web-based e-mail, instant messaging (IM) and portals? I have noticed that the bigger an internet company gets the less it seems to care about the way it treats its customers and more about the needs of its shareholders.

As the giants fight over the lucrative banquet… Yahoo, all trying to gain a bigger piece of the profitable power pie, I visualize the face of search, web-based e-mail, instant messaging changing beyond all recognition and not in our favor. Don’t get me wrong, change is more often than not a good thing, but when I think of a merger of Yahoo and either Microsoft or Google, I see the prices of the services they offer becoming more expensive, less competitive with less benefits for internet marketers.

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