Money Making Online: Reach The Top… One Step At-The-Time!

What do your online money making dreams and goals look like?

Are they so immense that they make your stomach hurt a little? Or are they small, reachable goals that bore you when you think of them?

Dreams and goals can run the gamut from being larger than life to small and humble. Which type of goal is better? There are actually good reasons to have both types of goals.

Having huge goals that “scare” you a little is important. Goals and dreams are supposed to stretch your imagination, your abilities and your character to transform you into someone new. Your goals should help you live the ideal life that you want to live, no matter how far away the goal may seem.

History tells us about individuals who dreamed big, despite people around them who told them to get their head out of the clouds. In fact, most successful people, whether they are politicians, business people, authors, athletes or humanitarians, have been told at some time throughout life that they were dreaming too big.

Don’t be afraid to have big dreams and goals. Set your sights on something that at the present time seems so far out of your reach, so you’ll know you’re absolutely successful when you’ve achieved that goal. Thinking of your big goal should make you nervous and excited at the same time.

On the other hand, it is also important to set small reachable goals for yourself. Your success depends heavily on your belief in yourself. If your big goal seems too far out of reach, start setting smaller goals. By reaching those smaller goals you prove to yourself that you can achieve more.

Small reachable goals can be something as simple as working out a certain number of times per week, or reading a certain list of books. When you reach any type of goal, it feels good and gives you a boost in your self-esteem. If you start with small goals like these, while keeping your eye on the big goal in the future, you will build the confidence that you need to achieve that big goal.

As you achieve the small goals and check them off your list, your confidence and the belief in yourself will grow to the point where you look at the small goals as stepping stones, that will take you to the top.

Success comes from setting goals of both types. You need the big goals to motivate you toward success, and you need the little goals to help you gain confidence and discipline along the way.

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