Two Approaches to Affiliate Home Business Marketing

Let’s look at how you may approach Affiliate Home Business Sales. Here are two ways:

1. PPC, known as Pay-Per-Click, is a method that pays you for every click others make on ads running with your special code attached. You’ll need an AdSense account through Google but it’s free to create your account. Then you simply need to drive traffic to your AdSense website where the ads appear. When a customer clicks on one of the links, you get paid.

2. Blogging. This method is one of the most dynamic business models for affiliate marketing in today’s IM environment! Blogging gives you a personal forum, a place where you can express your feelings and opinions about anything you’d like. Be open and straightforward with your analysis. If you have a great experience with the product, tell about it with glowing endorsement. If you were disappointed, say so and why. If you deal straight with your readers you will create a loyal readership who will hang on your blog posts and follow your advice. Make sure that you find products to reference with a ClickBank ID or your affiliate ID that will help your readers accomplish their goals.

Remember, you are the point person. You must decide if the products you promote are worthy of the time and money you invest to promote for that owner. Thoroughly read all sales pages. Ask yourself if you would buy the product based on the pitch. If not, contact the owner and ask if you could improve the sales page or squeeze page. Your efforts will only make the owner more money so he/she should be open to your suggestions.

You must FOCUS on the product totally. You need to find all the keywords, the most effective ad wording, and the best techniques to drive the most traffic to your opt-in page. This is a key to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. If you send your traffic directly to your sales page, chances are good you’ll never see that customer again. So create an effective squeeze page with which to capture your customer information for your opt-in list. This list will become your most valuable asset. You will be able to market to your list repeatedly in the future.

Your efforts will determine your results. Take action, test, re-test, rinse and repeat. If you get little results after testing, simply find another product and rinse and repeat.

Three Steps to starting your own Profitable Home Business

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