Increase Your Sales By Understanding Why People Buy

Understand why people buy

Understand why people buy

It doesn’t really matter what you are selling, you need to remember that it isn’t the features of your product that will persuade people to buy, but the benefits that product would bring them, such as how it will solve a problem they have or what advantage they would have if they used it. If you don’t believe that, think back on purchases you have made.

Why do you buy toothpaste? It’s not just to clean your teeth, it’s to clean them so that you don’t have bad breath when you kiss your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife etc or so that you don’t create a bad impression when you go for a job interview, so that your mouth tastes fresh and not fuzzy or so that your teeth won’t rot and fall out!

Why do some people buy a BMW or a Jag? For the prestige of owning a luxury car – don’t the ads for BMW & Jag stress these points in their sales copy? They do it deliberately to arouse the desire in potential customers.

SO why do people buy? Here’s a dozen of the most common reasons:

to make more money
to save money
to save time
to be like others & have what others have
to have better than others
to reduce work or effort
to be more comfortable
to get rid of pain
to learn & satisfy curiosity
to have fun
to feel good about themselves
to get a bargain

This is a reasonably long list, but you’re sure to have no problem coming up with more reasons why people buy.

There’s always a “so that….” attached to people’s purchases. We don’t buy a time-saving device just to save time, we buy it so that we can have that time to do something more desirable or more beneficial to us in some way.

We don’t buy aspirin because we have a headache, we buy it so that we can get rid of the headache we have. Most people don’t want more money just to have the money, they want more money so that they can buy something else they would love to have!

Understand what the “so that…” for your product is. There might be different “so that’s” for different groups of people and if that’s the case, great, because you have more than one market and the opportunity to make more sales!

Once you realize that there is emotion attached to buying, you will understand that how people feel when they are considering a purchase makes a big difference to the likelihood of you making a sale. If you can tap into these feelings when you advertise your product or service, your chances of making sales will skyrocket.

So, always, always make sure that you keep your buyers in mind when you decide on your product and how you will market it. Understand your product or service and be very clear about who your target market is. Think as they would think, see as they would see, feel as they would feel. Ask yourself how your product can help these people, how they would benefit from it.

Don’t tell prospects that they need your solution to their problem, though – nobody likes being told what to do. Instead, write the copy using an example of something that has happened to you, a friend or family member that they can identify with. If you can get them to think, “yes, that’s exactly how it is for me, too”, you’ll certainly hold their interest and they will read on or sign up to find out what worked for you to get out of your fix, or undesirable situation.

For example, you could say “I used to hate my job and dreaded Monday mornings when the grind started all over again, but I had no idea of how I could ever get out of it because I had a young family to provide for and a mortgage to pay to keep the home we’d struggled so hard for.” (By now plenty of people will be nodding in agreement) Then you continue with “When I saw this opportunity advertised…. I didn’t believe I could ever do that, but then I saw that …..had quit his job and as making big $$$$….”

At this stage, you start to list all the benefits of the product, some testimonials from other people who have used it successfully if you have any and then list all the features of the product so that there’s no doubt about what the product is, what it does or can do. Always be truthful. Never lie to get a sale, but don’t leave out any of the benefits either as they might just be the thing that could help someone.

Remember, you are selling a solution so you need to understand what the problem is and how it affects people.

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