Measure Your Performance: Track Your Advertising

Measure your performance

Measure your performance

It is important to be able to track the advertising for your website business, so that you have a clear idea of which forms of advertising are working, and which are underperforming. This is fairly easy using ad tracking software, and this allows you to identify where the investment of your time and money have proved to be most successful.

It also allows you to identify which of your adverts are performing successfully as well as those that are under-performing. You can then choose to alter and improve the underperforming ads, reduce their presence and therefore your expenses, or pull them altogether.

There are a number of ad tracking programs available which will enable you to easily identify the performance of each individual advert. This includes the pay-per-click (PPC) adverts, and the specific keywords entered by the people who found your website or advertisement through one of the search engines.

Although it is interesting to be able to see what keywords people are using, and which adverts are performing best, it is also important to be able to track the success of your adverts by identifying the number of sales generated, where your visitors came from and how many clicks it took before a sale was made.

Virtually all businesses track the return on investment (ROI) for their various advertising methods. In newspapers and magazines you will often see adverts for businesses that include a specific PO box number or department reference number. You may also see a telephone number to call, often one of the free 800 numbers. Almost certainly if you were to see the same advert in a different magazine or location, the reference number, department number and even the telephone number to call might be different.

Although all of the department numbers and telephone numbers will arrive at the same business, the different numbers enable the business owner to identify which of their adverts you respond to. Using this method, they are able to track their advertising and identify which advertisements are proving successful.

Of course, some of these methods of tracking the success of advertising are fairly expensive. P O boxes are expensive, and having hundreds of different telephone numbers can make a deep hole in your advertising budget. Fortunately, tracking for an online business is fairly simple, and in most cases inexpensive. By using ad-tracking software to track ads for your online business you can have the same information delivered to you every day for almost nothing. With the right software you will be able to track the success of your PPC advertising, have the ability to create a log of the specific keywords people are using to find your adverts and in some cases you will be able to do this and more easily and very quickly.

There are other methods, which you can used to track your online ads. If you have a website, you almost certainly have the ability to set up a number of different e-mail addresses, or aliases. It would not be at all difficult, to set up your advertising campaigns so that each advert directed your sales enquiries to a specific e-mail address, allowing you to quickly identify the relative success of each advert.

Another fairly effective method of tracking your advertising campaigns, is to track each ad by having the adverts themselves direct your potential customers to specific sections of your website by using sub domains. This method will allow you to identify which of your ads is producing the highest number of sales.

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