Are You Using Articles and Blogs to Build Your Profitable Home Business?

Building your own home business

Building your own home business

If you are the owner of a money making website or have a profitable home business, you must be aware that it is not the traffic to your website that counts, but rather the percentage of conversions (the percentage of people who buy your products and services after visiting). Thus, in order to get a high rate of conversions, you will need to target quality traffic, or quality people who are already interested in what you are offering. The best way to do this is by using Web Articles and Web Blogs.

The concept of writing articles for the web has been around for the past decade. There are hundreds of quality article web sites on the Internet, like Ezine Articles or Idea Marketers and many others. All these web sites will publish the articles you write on the Internet for free, as long as you can offer interesting information to their readers.

If you can provide your readers with useful information they will willingly visit the links in your article that point to your website and ensure you a steady stream of website visitors. These are people who will already be interested in what you are offering. So, let’s say you are a florist and you have just written an article on how to keep the flowers in their vases fresh for longer… A well written article like that, should be able to attract the attention of people who are already interested in buying flowers, so you should get a high conversion rate on your flower sales.

Besides writing articles, you can also write for blogs and motivate your readers to post entries about your products and services. Remember that honest reviews of your products will always attract positive attention to your Home Business.

Do not be afraid to talk about the positive and the negative aspects of your business in your blogs. Of course, it’s fine to stress a bit more about the positive aspects than the negative. Reading blogs is the current trend. In many instances, they have an aura of neutrality surrounding them, and as you will discover, search engines love blogs.

The techniques outlined above may sound tedious but instead of paying to advertise where you are not in control of the quality of your visitors, isn’t it better to attract specific visitors by using quality marketing efforts? Attract people who are likely to try your services and buy them. This is the way to build yourself a profitable home business.

Janice Sharman runs a money making, online home business and enjoys helping people who want to start and build their own home business. Subscribe to her Free Ezine to start receiving information on how you can start building your own profitable home business.

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