Effective Internet Marketing Tactics

Effective marketing

Effective marketing

There are a quite a few misconceptions about internet marketing. Beginners in the field can easily fall prey to bad online marketing strategies that promise instant results. The thing is, “instant” doesn’t always mean long lasting, and these strategies cannot guarantee sure profits. Some of these Internet marketing tricks might increase the number of hits to your website, but they will not necessarily bring in the cash.

Knowing your SEO hats

Article marketing makes up a big chunk of online marketing strategies. Businesses online depend on websites, and the blood work of all websites is content. If you want to attract customers, you need to keep your content relevant. However, writing to satisfy ones costumers is not an internet marketers only concern.

Online marketers should keep their content optimized in order to raise the page ranking of their website in popular search engines and directories. This means knowing how to place the right number of keywords within an article. These “keywords” or key phrases will be indexed by search engine “spiders”. Since these spiders are programs, they cannot initially gauge the quality of your articles depending on the value of information included in it. Most pages are ranked by search engines when the right keywords are frequently mentioned in the same article.

While this is good for the search engine, being too superfluous in when writing an article (e.g. saying the word “home business” 20 times in a 400-word article) is annoying for the human reader. Keyword stuffing this intense is also referred to as “black hat SEO” or bad SEO. While this may result in top page ranking overnight, you can also lose your ranking in no time when your irrelevant content is “found out” by the human editors.

Other people use the term “white hat SEO” for article marketing that is more focused on human readers than search engine spiders. However, no online marketing strategy today can claim to be purely white hat SEO. Because of the tight competition of businesses online, companies are bound to make use of a little black hat SEO trick once in a while, but probably not to the extent that they are risking being banned from search engines.

The most common form of article marketing today makes use of gray hat SEO strategies, which is a well balanced scheme which considers both the human readers and the search engine spiders.

Email marketing ethics

If you are personally annoyed at spam mails, then you might immediately want to cross email marketing off your list. You should not do this just yet. Email marketing is an effective Internet marketing strategy if approached correctly.

Sending out advertisements and newsletters to a random number of email addresses will not help you gain customers. Instead, you will be putting all your hard work in the trash bin of someone’s email. Think about your target audience instead. Do not simply blast your advertisements everywhere.

What you are looking for here is a list that is more focused on quality, not quantity. A targeted list of 20 clients, or prospective clients, is more effective than 200 strangers who might just see your unsolicited newsletter as an annoyance.

Getting the list right

Targeted lists can be formed from databases within your website. People who visit your website could simply drop you a line, and voluntarily give out their email addresses giving you the opportunity to send them your product catalogues, newsletters, and in fact, anything that is related to your product or service.

You can also put a relevant survey on your website asking your visitors to fill out a small survey form, which also asks for their email address. It can be a simple line at the bottom of the survey saying: “Would you like to be updated about our latest products? Tell us where we can find you in cyberspace so we can drop a line.”

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