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Once you have your blog live on the Internet, it is now time to find people who are interested in your topic to visit your blog. The saying, Build It And They Will Come could not be more wrong. Just because you have a blog does not mean anyone will visit it or even know it exists. It is your job to attract visitors to your blog. This article will show you how.

There are paid methods and free methods to get visitors to your blog. Unless you have an advertising budget at your disposal, you would have to rely on free methods. Free methods means getting organic traffic from the search engines or other sources. There are some well-known ways of doing so like article marketing and SEO. Besides those, here are two other ways of getting search engine traffic that are just as effective as the other more conventional ways.

The first method is using Yahoo! Answers. Yahoo! Answers is a website for people to ask questions about anything and for other people to answer them. You must have at least two Yahoo! accounts to use this method (the more the better). The first step is to log into Yahoo! Answers using one of your Yahoo! accounts. Enter a keyword phrase related to your niche into Yahoo! Answers in the form of a question. For example if you are in the weight loss niche, one of your keyword phrases might be Lose Weight Naturally. So just type in “How Can I Lose Weight Naturally?” into Yahoo! Answers as a question.

Then exit from Yahoo! Answers and log in again but this time using your second Yahoo! account. Go back to the question you asked earlier and answer your own question. Of course, your answer should be informative and as accurate as possible. You can either get the answer from your own blog content or from another related website. If you take the answer from another website, be sure to re-word your answer so that you would not be plagiarizing. Along with your answer there will be a field called, Know your source? List it here: Now here is where you put in your blog URL.

Besides answering your own question, you could do a search within Yahoo! Answers for other similar questions asked by other people and submit your answer there also. What is happening is you are building quality backlinks to your blog with each answer you submit. It goes without saying that the more questions and answers you submit, the more backlinks you get to your blog. And everyone knows that backlinks push your blog ranking up the search engine.

In addition to getting visitors to your blog from search engines, you will also get visitors from those who read your answer on Yahoo! Answer.

The second method is by using forums. Find a forum related to the niche topic you are blogging about. Choose forums that allow you to put links into your signature file. Edit your signature file to include a catchy caption and your blog URL. When you visit the forum, search for threads that are relevant to your blog niche topic. As far as possible, visit threads with as few replies as possible. This is because people reading through the threads would normally not read more than the first page of replies. So if your reply is listed on the second or third page, the chances of people reading your reply is low.

Once you find such a thread, post your reply. Most forums have a check box to indicate you wish to show your signature file. Always make sure this check box is ticked. Another little twist to this method is to start your own thread in the forum. This way, everyone who visits your thread will see your post and signature file.

Using these little-known methods over time, you will start seeing more visitors to your blog from the search engines and from Yahoo! Answers and relevant forums.

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