Amerisciences Network Marketing Review

There has been a revolution in the health market in recent years and the growth rate of the health industry is projected at 500% over the next eight years!There’s a general awakening that good health is very important and staying hale and hearty requires spending money.AmeriSciences is a company that caters to this need of people by selling nutrient rich products that promote good health.AmeriSciences is a network marketing company.
Given the kind of competition in the Network Marketing segment, it’s good to analyze all income opportunities before you decide whether or not to join the company as a rep.

• AmeriSciences – An Intro

Barry Cocheu along with Steven Radman and Lou Gallerdo established the company AmeriSciences in 2000. The company was based a Houston, Texas.

AmeriScience products cater to skin care, nutrition, oral care and weight management.The company claims its nutraceutical supplements are made to follow strict quality controls.. AmerScience vitamins are derived from tested pure ingredients and are manufactured with the user’s interests in mind.

• The AmeriSciences Business
It may be appealing to start your own AmeriSciences business after seeing the perks associated.But when we get to the actual work, we need to think if all this is really achievable.The fact that the products are qualitative is alone not enough to get customers; there are lots of barriers in promoting expensive health products.
Training is offered to all newcomers to the AmeriSciences business where they teach you to market the product to your friends and relatives, enroll them into the program and earn a good residual income.This may seem easy, but when you get to it, you’ll notice there are not enough takers in your warm market to enable you to earn a decent monthly income.

• My View On AmeriSciences Opportunity
The products offered by AmeriSciences are qualitative and good; but you’ll need to match them with people who need those products to earn well. So look beyond your circle and find interested people to buy your products. Given the quality and benefits of AmeriScience products, there is scope to earn well as a rep in this company provided you employ the right strategies The best way to do this would be by launching an online business and using innovative marketing tools to link you to interested customers.Use the internet to your best advantage and earn money without having to spend hours over the phone or contacting people.

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