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For online business worldwide, Wealthy Affiliate has long been an invaluable resource in the quest for higher search engine rankings and enhanced revenue. And now we’ve made it a whole lot easier to find profitable keywords – with a powerful new version of the Keywords tool.

Wealthy Affiliate

I’m going to give you several fantastic reasons to give Wealthy Affiliate University’s new keyword research tool a try.

Why try the new Wealthy Affiliate Keywords tool?

1. Robust new metrics (find more of your best keywords, faster).

Wealthy Affiliate has added two new metrics which let you uncover keywords that are both popular and have a low level of competition. Why is that so important? Because these are the keywords that could bring you a lightning-fast return on your investment.

In Anchor And Title (IAAT): Instantly measures the level of serious competition for any of the 137 million keywords in Wordtracker’s database. Find out exactly how many competitive web pages you must beat to get search engine traffic.

KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index): Is a keyword really worth targeting? Use KEI to hone in on keywords with high traffic and low competition. But unlike the older version of the metric, the “new” KEI considers only real competition – defined as web pages with at least one inbound link containing that keyword in its anchor text.
Wordtracker can calculate these figures accurately because we have access to competition data for over one trillion URLs. No other keyword research tool connects you with such a vast database. That’s a pity for our competition – but great news for you if you become a subscriber.

What’s more, we’ve determined that our link analysis is comparable to Google’s, giving you a highly accurate view of your search engine competition. That means that although Google will never reveal its secrets, the insights gained from Wordtracker will help you pick the right keywords for your campaign and get optimal results.

2. Tools to make SEO easier (save, organize and manage your campaigns).

Find what you need more quickly. With our simpler, more intuitive interface, you can find the information you need and get your keyword research done in record time.
Organize your keywords. Save a List for each of the market niches you might want to target with your website. Use your research to map out a new site, or mirror the structure of an existing website to support your optimization efforts. Revisit your Lists as needed to add to and refine them.

Create more profitable PPC campaigns. Categorize your keyword research to match the structure of your Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns. Then, return time and again to integrate new keywords, create new Ad groups, and add to your negative keywords list.

3. Related Keywords tool (expand your keyword possibilities even further). Go beyond basic keyword research to identify interesting and potentially valuable phrases you otherwise wouldn’t have thought of. Available only to subscribers, the Related Keywords tool allows you to search for keywords that are similar to (but do not contain) your seed word.

4. And let’s not forget these other must-have benefits of the Keywords tool:

View up to 1,000 keywords per search
Search for UK or US keywords
Import lists of keywords
Export lists of keywords to Excel
Find keywords by ‘exact match’, ‘phrase match’ or ‘broad match’

I know its awesome right? Please visit Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

Wealthy Affiliate University

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