Find Out About No-charge Roof Insulation In Gold Coast

Costing up to $1,600 Free Home Insulation is available to owner-occupiers, landlords and tenants via the Home Insulation Program thanks to the government grant.

Currently homes with out insulation are being focused on by this program. Homes that are not insulated or have minimal ceiling insulation and were built prior to 2003. Homes built after 2003 are required to be insulated.

Where the complete cost of installation is less than $1,600 there will be no out of pocket expenses for the householder. This usually applies to homes with less than 110 – 135m2. Most households are beneath this however when the installation cost exceed the grant then the home owner will pay the difference, i.e. any amount over $1600 or if the are not able to claim the grant the full amount.

Starting on the 3 February 2009 the program has been increased to allow rental properties to have the full $1600 grant, before to 31 August 2009 there were separate arrangements for owner- occupiers and rental properties. This program now covers all eligible households and is in effect from 1 September 2009 to 31 December 2011 or until the date when Program funds have been fully allocated, whichever occurs first. for owner- occupiers and rental properties.

Householders who wish to participate in the program should read the Program guidelines before arranging insulation.
The insulation must be installed by an insulation installer who is registered on the Australian Government’s Installer Provider Register.
The $1,600 assistance is an alternative to the solar hot water rebate. Householders cannot access both $1,600 assistance packages for the same home.
Who can get the grant
Householders to be eligible to obtain the grant they must:

• the Owner-Occupier or Beneficial Owner of the dwelling where the Ceiling insulation is to be installed and be an individual who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident aged 18 or over; OR
• the Landlord of the dwelling where the Ceiling insulation is to be installed and be:
o an Australian citizen or permanent resident aged 18 years or over; or
o a corporate entity incorporated in Australia; or
• the Tenant of a dwelling owned by a Landlord who has evidence of the Landlord’s permission (letter from the Landlord or Landlord’s agent) to install Ceiling insulation in that dwelling under the Home Insulation Program and to sign the Work Order Form including giving a release on the Landlord’s behalf;
1. obtain the approval of the owners’ corporation , if applicable; and
2. not have been granted assistance under the Australian Government’s Solar Hot Water Rebate program since the rebate was increased to $1,600 on 3 February 2009 for that dwelling; and
3. not have applied for or been granted assistance under the Homeowner Program or the Low Emission Assistance Plan for Renters in relation to the dwelling (a dwelling can only be insulated once under the Program including the Homeowner Program and the Low Emission Assistance Plan for Renters); and
4. correctly complete and sign the relevant section of the Work Order Form; and
5. be arranging the installation of new Ceiling insulation, not replacing existing ceiling insulation above what is deemed as having Negligible Effectiveness; and
6. not have received or be entitled to receive assistance for the installation of Ceiling insulation in the dwelling under any state, territory or local government scheme which combined with any assistance under this Program will result in the Householder receiving assistance in excess of the total cost of the installation of the Ceiling insulation.

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