Increase Your Website Traffic With Effective Link Partner Strategy

The eye of a researcherIn the affiliate home business arena, success is a numbers game. You need to reach as many members of your target market as possible and, like any kind of marketing, getting the greatest return on your investment is the goal. This means you need to increase website traffic as much as possible using resources that will conserve your time and get you the best results.

The way to accomplish this is by leveraging your marketing efforts, using resources which increase your productivity. And using an effective linking strategy is one of the best ways to leverage your marketing.

Other effective online marketing strategies which leverage your efforts include participating in online forums relevant to your business, advertising on other websites, in ezines or using social networking and social media platforms to build links and increase website traffic.

All of these methods take a little time and effort to get started, but once established they continue to bring you traffic and drive sales with a minimal investment of your time.

A link partner us exactly what it says, another website owner willing to exchange links with your site. These may be either text or banner ads and could be included in the body of some text on the site, as part of a link directory or elsewhere as agreed upon by you and your link partners.

It’s easy enough to find people to participate in your link partner strategy, but not every link is equally valuable. Links from sites which already see a lot of traffic and have a high page rank with the major search engines are better ways for you to increase website traffic  than are those which are less popular. The best link partners of all are popular sites which are about topics relevant to the subject matter of your own website.

You can find the page rank of websites using many different tools, many of them free. When you’re putting together your link partner strategy, the following steps are a good way to go about encouraging sites to exchange links with you.

1) Bookmark sites which seem likely candidates. You can do a search for your own keywords and have a look at the sites which rank highest for these search terms.

2) Next, write a glowing review of the site and put this on your own site or blog.

3) Get in touch with the webmaster of the site you’ve reviewed to let them know that you’ve published this review; tell them they have your permission to post this review on their own site with a link back to yours or alternatively, link to the review posted on your site.

This is an effective link partner strategy which you can use for any site you like. The more link partners you have, the more highly leveraged your own online marketing efforts will be and the more you’ll increase website traffic to your site.

Again, it’s a numbers game. The more you can leverage your work, the better the return you’ll see on your investment of time and effort; and a link partner strategy is an integral part of any successful online publicity effort.

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