Jim Lisi Of Increase Visibility- CEO Spotlight SEM Firm

Increase Visibility, a outstanding search engine optimization and promotion firm created the Orange County Business Journal’s Prime one hundred list for the fastest-growing private company in 2009. This is the second year running that the company has received this distinction.

This award marks what has been a nice year of growth for the company, where despite a rough economy that has seen many businesses struggle to stay afloat, Increase Visibility has been in a position to expand its workers, offerings and clientele.

The record growth of Increase Visibility is due in massive half to the vision and determination of the corporate’s CEO, Increase Visibility CE0, Jim Lisi (additionally referred to as James Lisi). Rather than maintain the establishment for search advertising, Lisi has searched for and found some of the top professionals in the business to direct the corporate’s technologies and processes-which has led to nice results and high consumer satisfaction.

A Little bit of Background
Previous to owning Increase Visibility, Lisi owned a major SEO company, which was later sold. He even partnered with many other prominent SEO corporations over the years.

According to Lisi, he founded Increase Visibility in 2003 after realizing the nice want for quality sem corporations while the Web as we have a tendency to understand it absolutely was still in its infant stages. It has necessarily been his goal for Increase Visibility to have the reputation of being 1 of the simplest sem companies in the business today.

“Increase Visibility’s pure focus is to advance our clients’ search engine optimization and online rankings objectives whereas maintaining outstanding relationships. A number of the key services provided by Increase Visibility include search engine optimization, social media selling, pay regarding click management, and reputation management. Every project encompasses a customized answer to confirm the most effective ROI,” stated Lisi.

“We have a tendency to extremely do deliver unmatched and customised search engine rankings services to fulfill the unique needs of various industries, audiences, and selling goals, no matter how giant or difficult the project. Everything is laid out for the client – it’s the goal not solely to boost the positioning, but also to improve the information base of the customer. This can be something that James Lisi, as the CEO and founder of this company has insisted on from day one,” added Increase Visibility COO, Fabiano Moura.

According to Moura and different team members, James Lisi molded the Increase Visibility team by recruiting the most effective net professionals in the industry. With more and more than 20 years of combined SEO experience under their belt, we have a tendency to have repeatedly proven our mettle with timely, technologically advanced and result-oriented performances.

Increase Visibility is backed by an impressive list of clients like LegalTube.com and Farmer’s Insurance Group, and that the organization continues to figure with firms that are serious about improving their on-line presence. Not only do many customer testimonials rave about their data and expertise, but also the timeliness and quick attention to emails and phone calls.

“We go higher than and beyond to confirm customer satisfaction, that explains why Increase Visibility includes a 96 percent client satisfaction rate. I think an honest and sincere customer relationship is the foundation of all successes. My staff have the identical set of core values,” concluded Lisi.

The Way forward for Increase Visibility and James Lisi
Lisi’s goal for Increase Visibility is to still be the prime search advertising firm worldwide. According to him, they’re constantly growing and their customer base has crossed all oceans. For Lisi personally, the following five years can see him stepping away from more of the everyday details of the business and into a strategic designing and visionary position.

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