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Many times we go to work, day in and day out and our frustration levels grow. We are told when we can eat, when we can take a break, when we must show up and when we can leave. Often in these tough economic times we have to work a lot more hours as some of the employees are let go and we are expected to share their hours between other employees. Our sense of freedom goes away even further from us. While this is happening it is not a good enough reason to quit your day job unless you have something to replace the income that you are getting from your day job with. No matter how much you want to quit your day job you need the money to pay your bills, keep up with your mortgage payments and put food on the table.

Avoid falling for the good old “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence” This may be true but you cannot rush and leap over the fence without a solid plan that will replace the income that you receive from your day job. Keep your day job and slowly start looking over the fence and start developing a plan that you will be using to replace your day job and make money with your own business from home. It can get very tempting to tell your boss to shove it and quit your day job but you need to be 100% sure that you will be able to keep afloat once you do so.

There are indeed a lot of alternatives available these days that can replace your day job and pay all your bills, but you must not rush ahead and quit your job to try those. You can try some of these methods to make money online in your spare time without quitting your job, as soon as you start to make a substantial amount of money from your online business you can then feel free to quit your day job and tell your boss to shove it!

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The toughest step in figuring out what will actually make you money online. Many people rush out and get in on the very first opportunity shoved in their faces and they go ahead and try it, three days later they get disappointed with it because it is not something they can do successfully and they go searching for something else, and with most this search just does not end! I was in the same shoes about eleven months ago when I got absolutely fed up with my day job and decided to find something that will teach me how to make money online from home. I did eventually find the right online community that provided me with the right tools, tutorials and methods to make money online.

Eleven months later, today I make $700 a week and I do not work for anybody, thank god for this freedom. If you are also looking for something to teach you how to make money online then this is by far the best decision you will make in your life!

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