Article Marketing And SEO – We Clarify Why It Is Still One Of The Top Linking Techniques.

What are the advantages of article marketing over other types of marketing? Well to truly understand this question, we need to take an in depth look at other types of Internet marketing that are currently prevalent and look at their individual strengths and weaknesses. The advantages of article marketing itself are quite apparent, you get to control the content of the page on which your links are placed by writing the content yourself, this provides the ability to ensure highly relevant links that are given great value by google. Articles have no inherent cost relating to their creation or posting, with the only requirement being time. On top of this there are thousands of sites that are literally begging for you to post your articles on them, this is in sharp contrast to many other methods of link building like forum posts where posting for the sake of building links is seen as a big no no. Well written articles also have a chance of becoming viral, meaning that other web masters will see them and copy the whole article including your links to post on their own site, of course the article will then be a duplicate so the copied article has little effect to search rankings, but you can still get some traffic from the copied article by readers clicking your links.

Another prevalent method is directory submission, this method is still a very effective tool in the battle for rankings and is a great way to supplement article marketing that many people overlook, but is it as good as article marketing? There are hundreds of thousands of directories available on the web so gaining huge volumes of links is not a problem. That said what about the content of the page your links are on? In most directories your links will be shown on a page containing many other links, the subject matter of that page in general will match your niche, but this is not always the case. In directories the page content is governed by the descriptions that people post with their link. Another problem is the fact is that the link juice from that page is being split between each and every link on the page. Equate this to article marketing where your articles links are more often than not the only outbound links on the page. SEO Services

Lets look at forum posts, one of my foremost concerns with this type of link building is the current trend for do follow forums to have a change of heart and implement a no follow attribute to their forum. This happens because too many people cannot build links in a manner that is respectful to the forum, and as a result the forum sees a vast reduction in the quality of its posts due to spam, the admin of the forum then have two choices, keep the do follow, and risk the whole forum going to the dogs, or implement no follow and watch the spammers vanish overnight. Not a hard choice to make really, but for people who have been using the forum over a few months or even years, actively participating and not just posting for the sake of it, this is a large blow, The hundreds or maybe even thousands of links you have built vanish overnight.

Buying links is an area filled with danger, the penalties are stern for this type of behavior so I think that just about covers that method, which brings us to link exchanges. This is still a valuable method for building links. Many people do not realize that two domains can exchange links without the links being classed as reciprocal, as long as the link on domain A does not point to the same page as the returning link on domain b the search engines will class these links as one way. SEO Services

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