Crucial Mistake That A Blogger Can Make. How Not To Make It?

In case you’ve decided to become a blog writer and you want to do a good job, you need to keep in mind that blog writing requires attention to detail, good grammar, good punctuation, correct spelling and great content above all. Let’s dwell upon the biggest mistake a blogger can make when writing a blog post aiming at optimizing it for search engines. What can it be, you may wonder?

Ok, I’ll tell you, this huge mistake – is to sacrifice any of requirements that I’ve listed above, in order to use important keywords. So, they may be high paying, low competition and high inquiry keywords, but if they do not fit into the content of their post it won’t do you any good, believe me. Here are just a few problems that such actions may cause: deliberate misspellings, phrases that are questions and cannot be contextualized as answers, abbreviated phrases etc.

The thing is that the person, writing such articles are focusing on keywords of this type rather than content. Still, they don’t have to forget that the search engines are actually looking for good content I mean the content that flows nicely, has correct spelling, good punctuation – correctly written content.

It’s true that search engines do not value articles that have no sense and have been written only to attract their attention. Moreover such articles do not meet the requirements of visitors to the website, who go there to get some info on their topic and up reading some sentences that have no sense.
Let’s imagine what happens when someone gets to your website where such articles without sense are posted. This someone won’t reach his/her goal(which is to get the info in his/her topic) leave and go and look for a different website or blog that does provide the information he or she needs that is put in good sentences with excellent grammar and no spelling mistakes.

The thing we are talking about is called the bounce rate, it’s all about the time visitors spends on your website and how many pages they visit. In case when your visitors only look at the first page or leave almost as soon as they get there, then you will register a high bounce rate. 100% bounce level means that the people on your site have not found what they came for and left immediately. You are to make your bounce level 50% or lower if possible. It’s the smallest aim you should straggle for in order to become successful blogger.

And are there methods how I can avoid making such mistakes? You may ask. It’s not that hard the only thing you have to worry is that your content is quality and interesting to read. To reach this goal you should remember about the quality when choosing key words. In case, you will make your keyword research thoroughly you will definitely find keywords that are high paying, low competition, with sufficient numbers of inquiries and that do fit with your, that is necessary, as I’ve already mentioned.
Surely this extra time and efforts that you’ve spent to do this will reward you to the foulest.

You are to remember that people are looking for information but not for some scramble of keywords.

Those who want to get more info about web search engine positioning, high ranking in search engine and of course ranking high on search engine, there are lots of information in the Internet.

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