Efusjon-A Review Of The Network Marketing Business Opportunity

People who want to start their own home business are looking at network marketing companies to do it. One company you should know about is Efusjon.

This is a network marketing company that offers a unique product, the RAW energy drink, plus a business opportunity for anyone that is interested in selling their beverage for them.

Efusjon was started and co-founded by Robert Towles, Marc Sharpe, Kenny Gilmore and R.S. Edwards. These are all people who are successful network marketers that no what it takes to earn money with this type of business opportunity.

That is why they have put together a good product line selling energy drinks. The main product is the RAW energy drink, but they also offer the EDGE energy drink. These drinks are made with Acai berry juice and other ingredients. The Acai is well known for the antioxidant power that it contains.

Now, for anyone that is interested in the business opportunity, it is important to know that anyone can earn good money with them if you learn how to market online correctly. They would like to see you start with an order for $120 because this will get you listed as a business builder and will help you receive your own website and 4 12 packs of the energy drinks to try for yourself.

One of the cons for their opportunity is how they want you to market your new business. They recommend that you tell your family, friends, and neighbors about this product and opportunity. The problem with that is that many people don’t want to sell this way because it is very hard to make a sale.

When first starting the Efusjon business opportunity you will quickly learn that it is recommended that you get 3 sales as soon as possible. This can be very hard to do with telling friends and family.

Now, they do offer other marketing methods that you can be trained to use, but always do your homework to be sure their online marketing education and training is their number one priority.

Don’t only rely only on the Efusjon network marketing company to train you though; You also want to learn other Internet marketing strategies that can be used for promoting this opportunity and product.

The internet is full of many different marketing methods that can be used. Anyone that wants to be successful with any network marketing business today must market on the internet.

When trying to decide on this opportunity or another network marketing company, you have to learn online marketing if you want to achieve success. Efusjon definitely provides marketing training and good products, but always be sure that they provide the type of training you need.

The training needs to be extensive enough for anyone to be successful with the business opportunity. Take your time and make a wise choice.

Steve Lauri is a business coach based out of Laguna Beach, California, that assists serious entrepreneurs in building a profitable online business with multiple income streams. Steve and his team have assisted hundreds of people in generating profits that exceed six figures in their first year.

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